Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bon Bons and Nuts

Yesterday John and I went antiquing with a long laundry list of items for the house and came up with a couple of items that I will post about later, but came up empty on several other things. One of the things we, well I should say I, was looking for was china to go with the new wallpaper that is going in the dining room. Having failed on the road I resorted to my favorite Internet site for all things fabulous in dishes, Replacements.Com.

After an extensive search I narrowed down my choices and decided on this Haviland pattern called Princess. I think the small scale of the pattern will be a good contrast to the large scale pattern in the wallpaper and the faded chintz fabric that we have in the living and dining rooms.

This pattern has the scalloped edges and gracefully curved shape that I always favor. It brings out the Southern Belle in me as opposed to the North East Prep that I also embrace. This ditsy print suites me. The number of pieces available is right up my alley.

As a public service announcement I am listing the pieces on my wish list for family to have ideas, forever listed here on the blog, to get me for gift giving occasions. Aren't I thoughtful?
Large Salad Serving Bowl 10 5/8"
Round Covered Vegetable Bowl
Oval Covered Vegetable Bowl
Tureen with Lid
Oval Tureen with Lid
Oval Serving Platter 14 1/8"
Oval Serving Platter 16 1/4"
Oval Serving Platter 21"
Tea Pot with Lid
Chocolate Pot
Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate
Round Covered Butter with Strainer
Demitasse Cup & Saucer
16 oz Pitcher
32 oz Pitcher
48 or Pitcher
Bon Bon 6 3/8"
Bon Bon 8 1/2 "
Nut Dish 5 3/4 "
So, there you have it. Start saving up kid's 'cause Mama needs new dished. You may need to chip in together and combine holidays when you see the price of some of these beauties. That is alright, I am patient. The Tea Pot alone would have your gift giving requirement covered through Christmas 2012.


  1. love that pattern.

    have a lovely weekend.

  2. Beautiful pattern, at least your family members have an idea what you REALLY want! Ha! Ha!

  3. Beautiful pattern, I collect antique limoges and am a huge fan......this is delicate but formal and rich..and it looks amazing with your wallpaper choices!

  4. OMG I love your china choice. It took me several years to complete my set but I love using it. Tell your family to check ebay, sometimes you can get lucky there.


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