Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Realtor. com

This morning while braving the blizzard that is swirling around outside I logged on to looking for houses with land. The picture that invited me to look inside was not that enticing but when I opened the virtual door it was love at first sight.
This kitchen had me at hello. So many elements that I like jumped off the page. After making several attempts to enlarge the picture, and failing, I brought it here to share with you. I am in hope that when I post it to the blog it will be easier to dissect.
I am also over-the-moon for this living room. The furniture not so much, but the room itself is swoon worthy, at least IMHO.

For some reason blogger is not letting me type below this bottom picture. I have had this happen before then within a couple of minutes it works again.....Oh well.

Anyhow, the outside of the house was the one that was just so, so, but also the one that invited me in. I am guessing that it is lovely in real life. Sometimes Realtors don't get the best shots of houses. I feel qualified to say that since I am an X Realtor and know from experience that it is true.

Back to the house. Some unfortunate soles have, or are in the process of losing this beautiful house. It is available through a bank now. I can't begin to imagine how bad they must feel. My heart goes out to them.


  1. Sadly that is happening to far too many families these days! Beautiful home though!

  2. It is a beautiful home! I feel for those who find themselves in that situation. Someone is going to be very fortunate to own it.

  3. So sad to hear of their is a beautiful home and that kitchen is to die for!

  4. we hate to see anyone be in an unfortunate situation....however, the home has great potential to be a show-stopper!

    i never said this, but do you get told that you look like Charlize Theron a lot?

  5. Janean,
    No, I don't get told that I look like Charlize Theron, but when I took a look alike quiz online one of the look alike people that came up was Charlize Theron. I am tall like her and used to be thin like her. Now I am always on a diet attempting to get thin again....;) Getting close to 60 years old makes it harder and harder.

  6. That's awful, looks likey they spent a lot of time decorating this beautiful home. Is it in Michigan? :(

  7. Ops, meant to say looks like not likey ;)

  8. Love at first site! Beautiful home, can just see myself cooking in the kitchen!

  9. Oh, I hate to hear of someone loosing their home. You can tell that they loved that house from the inside shots. IT is lovely, though.

  10. PLD,
    Yes, this house is a Michigan house in Rochester Hills, in the Adams, and Silverbell area. Often referred to as "The Billion Dollar Mile" area.

  11. Heartbreaking. It's obvious someone loved that home. What a horrible, horrible thing for anyone to live through.


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