Monday, June 02, 2008


Hope every one had a good weekend. Things were pretty quiet around here. Nice to have you stop by. For the past four years we have had a wreath on the front door every summer made by a local artist. Her pieces hold up really well but this year it was time to replace our old one that had gotten pretty faded. When I went to the shop this wreath was on the front door, the colors and material just called my name the minute I got out of the car and spotted it. If you click on the photo you can see the detail better.
This monogram hedge also will greet you when you come by for a visit. The shrubs in the bottom part of the 'S' with the branches sticking out of them are Hydrangeas that will bloom later in the season. The first year we had them we cut off the branches before we learned that the flowers bloom on old wood and it took a couple of years for them to flower again. The top part of the 'S' is filled with Lilies that will be a pretty soft peachy pink. At the top left you can see the creeping Lemon Thyme that smells heavenly when you walk up to the door. The little tree is a pink flowering something that bloomed earlier.
On the other side of the walk there is a bigger 'S' that holds more of the same things as the one on the right but the front tree is a Lilac and the bigger one closer to the house is a Bradford Pear tree. Up against the house under the bay windows on either side of the porch are little Holly hedge rows that are great for picking stems from at Christmas time. They are hard to grow up north here but because of their protected placement these have done fairly well.


  1. What a pretty wreath, I am sure it is perfect on your front door and it looks so inviting. Your landscaping looks really good also Did you design it or have someone do it for you? I Love it! Hope all is well, hope to see you soon-

  2. That is a fabulous wreath!! I have looked for a new one to replace the old but haven't found "the one" yet. I would have grabbed this one in an instant.
    Love all of your photos. Just beautiful.
    Take care.

  3. I adore your wreath! We live in a farmhouse with double front doors, so I'm looking for smaller wreaths for each of them.

    This has given me some ideas!

  4. I love the wreath and your yard is beautiful!

  5. I just popped in to say hello. What a lovely blog! And I love the monogram hedge.

  6. Hi Sue
    That wreath on your door is beautiful I need something like that for my front door. I am having a front porch party on Thursday. I wanted to invite you to join in. Stop by for a visit.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  7. Oh Sue...this wreath called my name too, I love it! Your S hedge is wonderful, what fun! I don't think a D hedge would look as good as your free flowing S does! ;)
    Your yard is just lovely, funny about your Hydrangeas, they will recover and look wonderful again soon, (they grow like weeds here in the Northwest!)they bounce back pretty fast!

  8. Sue,
    After what seems like many weeks I am back and blogging....our friends from Wales, Marion and John, were such a joy....the visit just too brief....

    Your wreath is are your flower beds....these just make home so much the sweeter....

    Ronald has been in the hospital with pneumonia but is back in a convalescent home.....

    Hope all is well with you and your family...

    I am posting our 12 days with Marion and John in installments...hope you have time to drop by....God Bless...Betty

  9. Your yard is a joy to see! So pretty and the wreath on the door is
    such a beautiful welcome!


  10. Sue,
    I love the wreath. I love buying florals and greenery from a local shop here, I just love them.
    And you taught me something new about hydrangeas, I could use this advice as I just bought 2 of them today!

  11. I love that wreath - i like to have wreaths on my front door also - but don't have one this year - I also like your "S" shrubs - very nice!!
    It was nice to visit you!

  12. Love your lush wreath, the colors are so bright and cheerful. And your bench seems to be placed in the perfect spot. Thanks again for the great pictures.

  13. Really beautiful wreath!


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