Friday, June 13, 2008

~Makeup Alley~

~ Anna from the lovely Villa Anna has tagged me ~

The rules for this game are to link back to the person who tagged you, include rules in your post, write six unimportant things about yourself then tag six other people at the end of your entry.

Here are six unimportant things about me:

1) Beauty products give me pleasure

2) Since 2003 I have visited the web site Makeup Alley for product reviews before buying any beauty products. This helps you avoid wasting money because you can find reviews from people that have your same coloring and skin type, your same hair texture, and are in your age range. They will share their experience with a product and you can use their experience to make your choice before you decide to try it or not. There is a section on the site that allows you to swap your products if you want to. I have never done it but apparently it works because hundreds of people do it.

3) MAC makeup brushes are my favorite and I try to take good care of them because they are a bit of an investment. At least every two weeks I clean them with warm soapy water and rinse them and dry them really well so the glue that attaches the top of the brush to the handle does not separate.

4) Doing makeup for other people is one of my hobbies.

5) Listerine Bright White mouth wash, Crest Vivid White Day and Crest Vivid White Nite toothpaste are working pretty well to brighten up my poor old teeth.

6) MAC Teddy eyeliner pencil is my favorite beauty product.

Now I'm supposed to tag six other blogger's but instead I would LOVE to know what ALL of you amazing women consider your favorite beauty product.


  1. Hi Sue!!
    I didnt know about makeup alley! Thanks for sharing that. I cant wait to check it out!
    I love make up but dont wear much of it. This is what I use for make up and skin care:
    - in the morning I use Oil of Olay facial cloths to wash my face. Love them. Been hooked on them for 10 years now.
    - then I use a cetaphil (unscented) moisturizer
    - then I use my favorite: Clinique press powder
    - next, black eyeliner and mascara (usually l'oreal brand because the mascara has to be extra lengthening) :))
    - next lipliner and lipstick by Mac!! Love MAC's lipsticks!!!
    Thats all. Ive never worn blush or eyeshadow before so I dont own any makeup brushes.

    Fun post!!
    Love ya!

  2. Well friend - first for my favorite beauty product - it would have to be L'Oreal Double Extend mascara. The first extender lengthens my woefully short lashes and the magnifier adds the color. To my mind anyway, the lashes are longer! Secondly - how in all these years have I missed having you do my make-up???? Love - S

  3. Hi Sue :)

    My favorite beauty product would have to be Bobbie Brown eye shadow. It stays on forever! My favorite tool would be my eyelash curler :)


  4. Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

    What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

    Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

    let's chat

  5. Well, well, well... I have so many favorites too!

    1) I love my Laura Mercier silk creme foundation. It makes your skin look truley flawless and my skin has so many flaws

    2) I wash my face with Aveeno Positively Radiant and I love the way that and the lotion feel on my sensitive skin.

    3) I love MAC eye lashes... They are so fun to use when you have a big night.

    4) MAC lipgloss in many colors. I love it all!

    5) Covergirl stay on lipstick with the blue cap. It stays on all day, really it does.

    6) I love Jessica Simpsons hair peices. I have straight long and lovely, short and sassy curls and I think they are so fun to play around with.

    These are a few of my favorite things...

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Hi Sue,

    I have never heard of Makeup Alley, I will have to check that out. I too use the Crest strips to keep my teeth white. I use Paula Dorf makeup, I have sensitive skin and it goes on like a dream and never bothers my skin. I use Chanel eyeliner pencil another fave is my Light Blue perfume, love the smell. And sometimes Allure. (is that six lol)

    Cute post,
    Kathy :)

  7. Very fun post, Sue! I'll have to check out the site, thank you. I've also used Allure magazine online for rating beauty products.

    I'm partial to MAC eyeshadows because of the pigment and love their blender brush. I'm currently wearing Lancome's Juicy Tubes Pop lipgloss in Iced Cranberry. It smells great and is sheer enough to complement everything. Like you, I take pleasure in shopping for beauty products...Sephora is like a candy store to me. ;)

  8. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I would have to say Bare Minerals is my favorite for base, concealer and translucent powder. Doesnt feel like you are wearing a mask and it has SPF 30 in it AND its natural.


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