Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage Travel Trailers

Did you know that there is a whole group out there that is into Vintage Travel Trailers? I didn't until I stumbled upon Pink Icing On The Cake's blog. In her side bar she has several of these little beauties posted. They intrigued me to no end. After reading her entire blog I found Kelly's blog Rose Vine Cottage who's 18' Bendix Corsair camper was featured as Cottage of the Month on Jennifer's site The Old Painted Cottage. I think it was June '08.
Kelly's family completely renovated her Camper and turned it into the cutest little Shabby Chic cottage on wheels. It is just precious. Go take a look if you haven't been to her site and see how creative she and her boys are.
The little trailer above is on E-bay where you can see others that are for sale too.


  1. Hi Sue, what a compliment! Thanks for mentioning our camper. We had such a good time fixing our little camper up and making her pretty again! I'm going to add you to my favorite places. I'm trying to work hard on my new project but one of my good friends wants to play and keeps dragging me along with her, so I haven't been getting things done as fast as I usually would! LOL.
    Thanks again,

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Adorable, although I must say I am not a camper. It would be fun to have one as a little guest house.

    Kathy ;)

  3. Well now, my sweet cupcake, you and I are definitely on the same planet. Squeeeealllll........a PINK living room!!!! Be still my fluttering heart, it's gorgeous. English country out of style????!!! Since when, cherub?! I love the English country look because it IS romantic. You've done a fantastic job of making your home romantic......FANTASTIC!! Plus all those glorious little munchkins! You are truly blessed......almost as much as I am!! Lovely gorgeous beautiful home, sweetpea!!

    Do come by often and see what's up next at this Idaho home! :-)


  4. Hi Sue!

    Its nice to meet you :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments, stop by and visit any time! Your blog is scrumptiously pretty too! I love all the blue and white! I tried to add you to my list, but somehow I cant get your "url"...It could be my settings, but if you could send it to me in a comment, id love to add you to my links so I can visit your beautiful blog often...Your home is gorgeous! thanks for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you. ~ Cynthia ~

  5. I know! I just started to notice these campers recently too! Arent they cute! Makes me want to get one so I can decorate it LOL and Im not even into camping LOL
    Candy :)

  6. Hi Sue,

    ok, lol, I finally figured out my settings were wrong...I added you to my list and look forward to stopping by, your home is stunning !!!

  7. What a thrill to transform such a small space. Not sure if you've heard of designer Barclay Butera (, but he revamped his own retro camper into his signature hollywood glamour style...nicely done!

  8. I have been dreaming of a camper lately. I think its because of all the cute campers that I have seen blogging. Thank-you for sharing all the other blogs with campers. I think I will have to have a little talk with my dear husband.
    Take care,

  9. Hey Sue! Thanks for coming by my blog! If you want to see somemore darling vintage travel trailers go to my club called:

    What fun!


  10. If you want to see an awsome Cow Girl trailer click on Mary Jane's comment above to see her friend Pamela's trailer.

  11. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Ok I am not seeing the pics of the camper on any of the sites you listed. We just bought an RV and I want to cottage it up. HELP-I absolutely need to see these pics.

  12. Hi K8,
    Pink Icing on the Cake has campers in the pictures on the right side of her blog.
    Kelly from Rose Vine Cottage has pictures in her blog about 3 pages back. They kind of look like a regular house in the first few. You can keep going back into her blog to find more pictures.
    On Jennifer's blog The Old Painted Cottage she features Kelly's camper in her June 08 section of Cottages of the Month.
    I hope this helps and good luck with your camper.

  13. OH MY! I just found your blog and I have just started this little obsession! You have to read about it. My husband thinks I'm nuts.
    Cheers! -amy

  14. Don't you just love these little campers! I have seen people turn them into little guest cottages for visitors...

  15. Aren't these little campers the cutest thing, and camping isn't even my thing! LOL! I love your blue and white motif, below! It all looks so fresh, crisp, and pretty! ;)

    Hugs, Rhonda

  16. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks so much for visiting me and mentioning my blog. I adore these little vintage campers and am on the lookout for one to make into a little guest suite on our driveway. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I am without a computer right now and am at the library.


  17. How adorable! After a week of being without my computer I'm finally back... When are you heading north? Sarah and I are going to Harbor Springs for the day on tues. Want to come up and join us? S


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