Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You Jesus!!!!!!

There was a lot of praising God and thanking Jesus going on at Detroit Receiving Hospital in downtown Detroit yesterday. Every one that walked by the room from the Doctors to the support staff were stopping by commenting on how well Aaron was doing.

Sylvia, one of our favorite nurses.....they are all really our favorites....but Sylvia told me last week that once Aaron's body was through fighting off this reaction that we would see remarkable progress very fast. She said that for the last six weeks every ounce on energy and every system in his body was franticly at work repairing the damage caused by the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and TENS, but that once that was complete it would amazingly revert back to its healthy state quickly.

Well, yesterday seems to have been the day that his body finished all the really hard work. He still has a ways to go to regain his strength but he was sitting up in a chair when John and I got to the hospital around 10:30 and before that he had taken two laps around the ward with very little assistance. He is talking and able to talk on the phone and for the first time he got to call the children and talk to each one of them. He talked to Susan, Cay, Dana, Kyle and Tyler too.

He had to take a swallow test to determine if he was ready to eat and he was so proud to announce that he had passed the test. The first thing he wanted was water and he sipped it all after noon while we played Gin Rummy for several hours, Angie beat us both ~~~~ We figured that they would bring him jell-o or broth and other soft food for his first meal at around 5:30 but no, they brought him a lovely plate of breaded perch with tarter sauce, yellow rice, mixed vegetables, a whole wheat roll, fruit punch and a brownie. I was very nervous to have him eat but he picked away at it and had a couple of tastes of everything and it went down just fine.
We waited a bit to see if he would tolerate the food and he did so his nurse took out the feeding tube that he had in his nose.

Please join us in praising God for seeing us all through this difficult time and continue to pray for Aaron's on going recovery. Aaron is so grateful to all of you prayer warriors that have lifted him up in prayer so faithfully this past six weeks. We pray that God bless all you faithful prayer warriors.



  1. Anonymous5:14 AM

    yes praise God from where all blessings come. we are so greatful for aaron's progress and for his faith. you just keep getting better and we will continue to pray for you. hugs and kisses.

    jim & joyce

  2. Oh Sue, I am so happy for all of you! That Aaron is doing so well is such a huge blessing!! Love to all of you. Sheryl

  3. Best news in weeks - hurray!!!!! Tell Aaron we love him and to stay strong. Hugs, kisses and prayers
    Love Cindy

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    That is such great news! We are glad to hear he is making such progress. Everyone at Bucks Run has been reading your blog daily to keep up on Aarons progress. We will continue to pray for you and Aaron as he continues his recovery.
    Best Wishes,
    The Staff at Bucks Run
    (Jim, Mitch, Heidi, Jeff)

  5. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I am chills down my bones and tears in my eyes. What an awesome God we have. Faith, means so much!
    God Bless you all,

  6. God is so amazing and so faithful. What a celebration!

  7. Our God is and awesome God! Praise the Lord! I am very happy for you and will pray for your son. I am a sometimes reader who hadn't been on your blog in a while. So glad to read that he i s so much better.

  8. Thanks for sharing yoru great news!

  9. Anonymous4:47 PM

    That is fantastic news! Would not expect anything less (true strength) from a remarkable and kind soul like Aaron. A sigh of relief and overwelming joy must be going on in your family right now.
    Wish him well from us,
    Tom and Jennifer Ludwg

  10. Sue,
    I'm at work right now, but just noticed your note about Aaron. I quickly went to your site to read your post and I am literally in tears with relief. Strange isn't it, I dont' even know you...but I do....Hugs and yes Praise God for Aaron's recovery. A huge hug to you dear Sue as I can only imagine the strain you must have been feeling and Angie too. God is great!
    P.S. It's time to celebrate - now you have a big party for Aaron! HA!

  11. Sue,
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow.......I am so happy for Aaron, you, the family.....God is so good....

    Ronald is slowly making some progress but still is not eating on his on....this is into the 8th week....but we know God is on His throne......

    Again, I'm so happy for you all...Betty

  12. Anonymous6:25 PM

    That is such wonderful news!!!Tell Aaron we are thinking about him and praying for him every day. Thanks for keeping up the blog! We are reading your updates daily.

    Brandon LaBelle
    The LaBelle Family

  13. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Hi Sue, oh my goodness we are beyond thrilled to read this post! Aaron coming home. Thank you God.

    I was very ill years ago and my specialist told me our bodies are so remarkable and forgiving, and we can come back to good health, in time, I am proof of that and Aaron will be too :)

    Sue thank you for stopping by our blog when you have all this to deal with, your are so thoughtful.

    Tell Aaron to curb his gourmet tastes though! lol He is going to have one super appetite when he gets home!

    Take care, our prayers are still with you all.

    Jenn and Jacqui

  14. Yeah Aaron!! This wonderful news means so much, on so many different levels! We can't wait to see him being "Aaron" again! Our prayers have been answered. Love, Carrie White

  15. Such wonderful news! Prayers answered...God is SO good.
    Many blessings to you have received the greatest one. Aaron is coming home!

    Hugs to you all...


  16. Oh Sue, that's wonderful news! Praising our Lord with you, and jumping for joy for your sweet boy Aaron!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  17. Sue - every time I visit your blog - I get tears in my eyes. God is good.

  18. Yay! Wonderful news!


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