Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quick Update

Thank you all for continuing to check on Aaron. When I checked with the nurse last night after we got home from dinner he said that they were working on getting him off the ventalator and that he was doing well. Yesterday he was pretty much the same as the day before.


  1. Sue,
    I was anxious to check in with you tonight to check on Aaron...I do hope he has had a good day....

    We visited with Ronald yesterday....he is much better in some ways but continues to be confused at times.....he has so very far to go.....but we are so thankful that things are as well as they are. I was telling Dean, his wife and him about Aaron and that you were praying for him...Dean said to please thank you.....

    Praying that tomorrow will bring healing, peace and rest....God Bless....Betty

  2. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Hi Sue, we are back home from vacation. Sad to hear about the infection, he is such a fighter. We are still praying fro Aaron and your whole family and think of your often. Jenn and Jacqui


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