Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We are pretty skeptical about taking medicine around here so we are going through bags of oranges to help cure our colds and it seems to be working. Today, weather permitting, I will go to the hospital.

It is getting very hard to keep up with the Doctors, God bless them, so it is also very hard to describe all that is going on with Aaron. They believe there is an infection some where, they think his set back was due to an allergic reaction, his left arm is still very red, he is now being fed again through the tube in his nose. Things seem to change very fast, then again not much at all.

Aaron was some what responsive yesterday but slept 99% of the time Angie was there. At about 5:30 she came home had some dinner and headed up to bed to fight off her cold symptoms.

We hope you are all well and appreciate your concern and prayers.


  1. Positive thoughts and prayers from us. Please take care of all - colds and flu going on here also. Tell Aaron stay strong - we need him to get better so I can dance with him at Clarissa's wedding in November.
    All our Love - Cindy

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hi Sue....

    I too am not one for taking meds...unless I REALLY need to. We swear by Air Born though...we seem to have good luck with it.

    Thought I'd pass that along.

    God Bless,
    Kathy :)

  3. Hi Sue! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Im also very touched that you have my blog listed on your, thanks! I love your blog too.
    I just went back a few posts a read about Aaron. I have added him to my prayer requests and will be lifting him and your family in prayer.
    Nothing, not one thing, is too big for our God to handle. He is a God who hears and answers prayer.
    My Dad had cancer when he was a little boy and he was completely healed. I had rheumatoid arthritis when I was a little girl and told by doctors that I would never be able to walk the rest of my life. The doctors were wrong :)

    So, I really do believe in the power of prayer and believe that God answers prayer.

    I will be praying for Aaron.


  4. Sue,
    I can well understand that you are skeptical about taking medicines...

    I know God is in charge and holds Aaron in the palm of His almighty hand...God Bless....Betty

  5. Sue,
    First and foremost, prayers continue for Aaron. Let's pray this is only a small setback.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving your sweet comments, please know I truly appreciate that.

    Stay strong Sue and good idea with nursing that cold the natural way, I'm with you on that one!



  6. Anonymous7:53 AM

    God Bless you and keep you in his ever loving care. Just hang in there and know we are all praying for you and all your family. We are snowed in today. What a winter we are having. You all take care of those colds and what ever else is going around. We are all praying for everyone and Aaron to fight off everything that is going on right now.

    Love to all-Uncle Jime and Aunt Joyce

  7. Sue,

    I sue hope you are feeling better. A cold is the last thing you need! I continue to think of Aaron and your family and hope that the infection is found quickly!


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