Monday, February 04, 2008

Day of Rest

The Doctor said that they think his set back was a result of an allergic reaction and that it has not progressed so they will let him rest for the rest of the day and then tomorrow start to ween him off of everything.


  1. Just checked in to see how your son is getting along. He is in my thoughts and I am hoping for a speedy and complete recovery for him. Hope you are holding up ok. Thinking of you--- Stephanie

  2. Sue,
    Phew glad to hear he is stable again. And sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Take care of yourself, and prayers for Aaron. Thanks for stopping in to see me, always a pleasure.

  3. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Hope you are getting better. We will be praying for you along with Arron and the rest of the family. Take care and God Bless. We sure appreciate this blog Sue to keep us updated daily.

    Love to all,
    Uncle Jim and Aunt Joyce


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