Sunday, February 10, 2008

Enjoying His Visitors

Aaron is still trying to fight off the infection. We pray that God will do what no medicine, at this point, has been able to. All things are possible with Christ who strengthens us.

Aaron looks good and they have the ventalator turned off so he is breathing on his own with some difficulty but he is fighting through it. When the nurse adjusted his position in his bed yesterday by lowering the head of the bed then pulling him up higher on the bed by pulling the sheets under him he got very congested which caused his heart rate to race and his fever to spike. She suctioned his lines and mouth out which, while no fun, seemed to calm him. Then she gave him a dose of Tylenol, some pain medication and something to relax him. Within the hour he was peaceful again and his heart rate and temperature came back down to normal.

By late afternoon Aaron was ready to see visitors other than John and I. His Granpa & Grama were here and are always a comfort to him. Kyle, Carrie and cousin Steve were telling him stories and even had him laughing. Angie, her Mom, Dana and Doug were all up north taking care of the kids. I talked to Taylor on the phone who sounded so old, but so good too.

Again we want to thank Susan and Tyler who have been taking such good care of the girls and Cay and Jill who are doing the same for Aidan. It is such a blessing to know that they are being cared for by such loving care takers during this difficult time. Dana had Aidan for a couple of days last week and Blake was delighted to have his buddy Aidan to play with again.

As most of you that know us know, we are not strangers to dealing with prolonged illness. We are all adjusting to the current circumstance and have faith that the good Lord that brought us to this will also bring us through it. Please pray for Aaron and we wish you a blessed Sunday.



  1. Sue,
    Prayers for Aaron. He's been through so much. May the Lord bring him continued healing, and much needed peace.

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Hi Sue, this is an almighty battle but Aaron is a strong man and you have have strong Faith. Our prayers are with you. Jenn and Jacqui

  3. doug labelle9:51 AM

    sue and family,
    i am continuing to follow along from the road how aaron is doing. thank you for the updates and i am continuing to pray for him as he recovers. i am also glad that he was able to catch me on the tv a couple of weeks ago. god bless. doug labelle II

  4. Patience, Peace & Prayers for Aaron and the rest of your family.

    kari & kijsa


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