Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome Home

Good morning ladies. Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to start this new week refreshed and ready to go.
The oldest of our clan his wife and four children moved into their lovely new home a couple of weeks ago. They had been living in Denver but have wanted to get back to Michigan and close to family for a while now. When the opportunity arose this last summer they took it. Things moved faster than any of us anticipated. With in a matter of weeks a new job became available, they sold their house in Denver and headed east.

The first of August, with all their belonging in storage, they moved in with us. Their search for a place to live began immediately and the house above is the fruit of their effort. Six weeks after they landed in Michigan the moving van arrived and they began settling in their new digs and we are again empty nester's.

We are so glad to have them back! Welcome home Bernie, Cathy and the kids.


  1. Is this their new house??? It is lovely; and since I have a son and daughter in law three states away, I understand you must be thrilled!


  2. Hi Sue,
    So happy that your family is near...that's a blessing indeed.

    One of our two daughters, and her family live next door in her grandmother's remodeled home. Growing up the girls would check to see what I was cooking for lunch and then check to see what she was having and decide where they wanted to eat. Now I have six grandchildren next door...

  3. Suzanne, yes it is their new house. We are very happy to have them close by now.

    Betty, I wish they were close enough to pop in at random but they are on the other side of town and the roads around the Detroit area are all torn up. It takes us about 45 min. to get to their house. You are very lucky to have yours so close.

  4. How wonderful!!! You must be thrilled to have them so near!!! Their new home is lovely...I am sure they will love it!!!

    Have a wonderful day...I look forward to seeing your next post!!!


  5. Oh, how beautiful is this?? I'm happy you have them home again.

  6. Well that is great news. What a beautiful home. :)

  7. Hi Sue... nice for you to have your son and family moved back! Their home is gorgeous with a capital "G"!!! Wishing them the best in their new home and jobs!!! My friend, I was looking down through some of your posts...really enjoyed seeing your pretty autumn decor and beautiful tablescape!!! It had been a little white since I've been to your lovely sweet!!!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Fall!

  8. I know y'all are thrilled to have them close again. The house is just beautiful - I am sure the good taste runs in the family.

  9. So glad your family is close by once again! I bet that is a real blessing! :) The house is beautiful! ~hugs, Rhonda

  10. How wonderful to have your family move back -- I know that you must be thrilled.

  11. How wonderful for you to have your family closer again.
    Our daughter and family are still in CA. So far. We are thankful for computers, web cams and cell phones.
    Have a good week.

  12. It is lovely; and since I have a son and daughter in law three states away, I understand you must be thrilled!
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