Monday, October 19, 2009

Time To Get Busy

Hope you all had a good weekend. I never really think about Sweetest Day so I was very pleasantly surprised when John came home from work Friday with these pretty roses, a sweet card and tickets to see the play Legally Blonde downtown Saturday night for Sweetest Day. We worked around the house Saturday and then friends joined us for dinner and the play Saturday night. We had a very nice quiet weekend.
Now it is time to get my feather duster flying.

When I get behind with my house work I revert back to The FlyLady for guidance.

Today the plan is to complete the Monday: Home Blessing Hour.
Cull/toss old Magazines
Change sheets.
Empty all the trash.
Vacuum all rooms.
Mop kitchen and bath.
Clean mirrors and doors.
Feather Dust furniture.

Have y'all heard of The FlyLady? Any FlyLadie's around here?
If you are overcome with C H A O S (Can't Have Anybody Over Syndrome) you might want to check out her website.
I have used routines most of my life but around 2003 The FlyLady came into my life with her daily email reminders of BabySteps to help reduce and remove the CHAOS and disorganization in our homes. When I get side tracked I go back to basics with the FlyLady and before I know it I'm back on track. So, this morning I'm pulling out my Control Journal and getting busy.

Happy Monday!


  1. Good lady is too much for me, but I just decided on Thursday and Friday that my own slogan will be Turning my To-do's into ta-das!!! It was surely motivating!! So, you go girl!!! ;)


  2. I have visited Fly Lady off and on. Your plan today sounds pretty similar to mine. We've been out of town this weekend so I always enjoy getting back into my own home and routine.

  3. Awwww, your husband is such a sweetie! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, and now there are some bright, sunny days to revel in, we won't complain about that!
    May your week be wonderful!

  4. Oh, this brought back memories. We lived in MI all our lives and celebrated Sweetest Day.
    They don't know what that is in the South. lol
    Been decluttering myself today.
    I hope you had a great date night.

  5. I have heard of The Flylady. Will have to go for a revisit!

  6. How could there be a speck of dust in your beautiful way!

  7. Hmmmmmmm, I need to check her out--you didn't give the link...but maybe I can find her through google!

  8. Nannykim, if you click on the word FlyLady or website through out the post it will take you to the website.


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