Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trying To Get Moving

A few days ago someone asked to see a picture from farther away of this tablescape. I don't take pictures of this area because it backs up to my yellow oak stained staircase that I can't stand. Here is the best shot I could get and it only has a tiny bit of the offending staircase trim in it. The tall green pieces are sitting in white saucers so that they don't scratch the sideboard that they are on, not the best look but it does protect the surface.
Hopefully today I will get some ambition to get busy around here. When we are away for the weekend it takes me at least a full day to recover. Seems like the older I get the more exhausting it is to be away from home for any length of time.

Hope you all have a productive day.



  1. hey what a great blog - I'm following now too!

  2. Everything looks lovely! What a cute bunny! Take care.

  3. For things that might scratch the surface, I use those felt pads on the bottoms of them.....you can buy them in several thicknesses and they really do help! Good luck on getting going! I was slow today as I had to wait for my coffee until I gave my blood...that threw me way off! :)


  4. Morning, Sue! Oh, what a lovely area! I adore your wallpaper and you really know how to set up vignettes. Love that precious rabbit too. Hope you've gotten your rest!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Beautiful tablescape!!!

    Have I told you that I am in love with your wallpaper...I am!!! It is sooo me...I love the colors...gorgeous!!!

    I adore the bunny too!!!

    I feel the same way every time we are way...it takes a day or two to get adjusted to being back home. I wish you luck at getting back to business!!!


  6. We're also in love with the wallpaper, it is fabulous!

  7. The curvy french painted chest in your foyer is georgous! Very pretty home. I enjoyed your blog and who is that guy... hubba hubba
    Wish I had a daughter, but I bet he is taken.

  8. Is that Pierre Deux toile wallpaper? I have always loved that wallpaper. So pretty...XXOO

  9. OK-
    I am jumping on the bandwagon!
    I love the wallpaper too!

    I also enjoyed visiting and am now a follower.


  10. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Oh how I miss HOME Mt Pleasant MI
    Worked as an RN at the Laurels
    Walked to work. Go CHIPS!!

    NE Ohio

  11. Oooohhhh, beautiful stuff. So glad I got to see all these.

  12. I always admire your home decor, especially all your bunnies.


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