Sunday, May 04, 2008

Women's City Club House Walk & Lion's Club Chicken Bar-B-Q

We are still in Denver and having a wonderful time with Bernie & Cathy and the grandchildren. I wanted to stop in and give encouragement to my friend Cindy who has so graciously offered to open her lovely home to the Women's City Club for their annual house walk. Dave and her have lovingly restored their home over the last year and have been working very hard to get it ready for the house walk. Take a breath guys, and thank you for your always generous hospitality.
Mom & Dad's house will be open as the Hospitality House where they will be serving refreshments to the house walkers. They are always generous when asked to help out by sharing their home with the community.

The guest house is pretty well finished now so I think they will be able to share that too. Dana has posted updated pictures of it on her blog if you want to take a look at it.

Like I said we are having a good time here helping Bernie and Cathy put some finishing touches on their new home here in Aurora, Colorado which is at the foot hills of the Rockie's, due east of Denver. Yesterday John helped build the sandbox and I weeded the huge center island that is in the middle of the circle driveway that had not been tended to in years. Though hard work, very fun discovering the numerous perennials and herbs that had flourished there years ago.

Today was an early morning of trying to get my hands in shape for church. A good soaking and a fresh coat of polish seem to be doing the trick. Time to go finish pressing the First Communion clothes and get ready for the service.

Hope every one in MP and every where enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made. I will miss the house walk and the chicken bar-b-q but will look forward to details of the day.

Much love and God bless,


  1. Sue,
    Hi there! Beautiful home!! I also went to check out Dana's and it turned out just marvelous! Enjoy your time in Denver.

  2. What a beautiful home! Enjoy your time!! Have a wonderful evening!

    kari & kijsa

  3. Anonymous7:58 AM


    I was in charge of your Guest house yesterday and it got rave reviews.... I could of rented it out about 200 times everyone wanted to be a guest and stay there. You and Dana did a wonderful job. It was so fun to see everyones reaction...I passed out all of Danas cards and could of given out more... Gloria

  4. You guys did such a lovely job on the guest house and wonderful things were being said when I went through it. You will just have to come visit more often now that you have your own house to stay in! Hope you are enjoying your trip-

  5. Simply cannot wait to hear all about this.

  6. Home tours are great... beautiful home... love the greenery growing on the house!

  7. Hi Sue :)

    I just went over to Dana's blog. You both did an absolutely fantastic job on the guest house. It's perfect :)

    Have a great day,

  8. Sue,
    Hope you were able to get your hands cleaned and your polish looking good!:)
    The guest house is looking so beautiful, I love looking at it!
    Have a great week,
    Donna Lynn


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