Wednesday, May 14, 2008

White Bathrooms

From: Southern Accents; Designer: Cathy Kincaid;
Photographer: Antoine Bootz & Jeff McNamara
Thank you for the suggestions for the bathroom. While looking around the net this morning for white painted cabinet inspiration I came across this picture of a bathroom by Cathy Kincaid. The architecture is beautiful. The little lamps on the mirror really add dimension to the mirrors over the vanities and I like how she uses a Venetian mirror propped up above the make up area in the back. The blue and white accent pieces are a nice pop of color in this texturally rich white bathroom.


These next two pictures also show white cabinets with paneling and a lot of detail. They have the little lamps mounted on the mirrors too. I really like that look

Both of these bathrooms are pretty grand but have some ideas I would not mind using in our bathroom if I ever get around to it.



  1. Good Morning! This could so be your bathroom! I see painters in your future... wouldn't it be beautiful?! Love - s

  2. I clipped this out of the magazine when it came. I love it. We will be doing a bathroom remodel in the near future and I just want to give this to the contractor and say "duplicate it exactly" cost doesn't matter. HA!

  3. i love the first picture!!! pretty!!!

  4. I love the first picture too and we could so do that. It is the same shape as your bathroom. Perfect!
    Love, Dana

  5. Sue,
    It is such a blessing to have a bathroom that is tooooo big then one that is toooo small!
    When I made my comment on the painted cabinets etc. this is the kind of rooms I too had in mind!
    BEAUTIFUL!!! I concur...

    Donna Lynn

  6. This bathroom is HUGE! The only problem, I see is that seat in the middle. If it were my bathroom it would probably be lined with children who just HAD to talk tome right away!!!!

    Love the pink towel rack from the previous post.
    God bless

  7. Hello Sue...thanks so much for coming gave me the pleasure of coming here for the first time! I love your blog and those pics of the bathrooms make me drool! lol Ohhhh that first one is a treasure...Our master bath is long and narrow w/ double sinks and a make-up area and a walk-in closet big enought for an office...but if Bill is at his sink and I want to get by to go thru to the tub/shower area he has to squeeze up close to the counter and let me by! Then think my fat hiny has anything to do with that!? lol lol But I agree you can take great ideas from other rooms and add them to your rooms..if nothing else just looking at the beautiful magazine pic over and over makes me smile! lol have a great day today and again thanks for coming by and please come back anytime..I'm adding you to my list of favorite blogs!

  8. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I love your blog but can you switch to a darker pink text, its very difficult to read on the white background : )

    PS, love the pink towel rack!!


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