Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pink Towel Rack

The towels are in the laundry and the rugs have been washed and are back on the floor after hiding under the bed for several months. This bathroom and I have a love/not-so-much love relationship going on and have since we moved in here four years ago. The love is for the huge amount of space it has and the tub that the Grand's think is our winter swimming pool. The, not-so-much love comes from the existing tile and the orange cabinets that occupy the whole wall across from the tub.

There is so much wasted space.....I mean room ~ in here that when arranging the living room furniture from the old house in this houses tiny living room, my little pink ribbon love seat ended up in here. It has really ended up working out well for the Mom's to sit on while the Grand's are swimming, but why oh why would they have not made the living room bigger and the bathroom smaller?

Any way, if any one has any ideas about how to decorate a bathroom with orange cabinets and beige and orange tiles to look like a little cottage retreat I would love to hear them.

Back to Flying in the main bathroom...............


  1. OH Sue!
    This is soooo funny, the bathroom is huge and the living room small, because a man designed it all!
    When the men do it, the kitchens are just afterthoughts, but there is always a big garage, bathroom and places to store cars etc!
    What is your cabinet made out of? Can you paint them out white?
    It is wonderful that the grandkids think it is a swimming pool, they will have wonderful memories of grandma's huge bathroom!
    XXOO, Donna Lynn

  2. Well, see it this way: Flying in the main could be an exhilarating thing to do.... :)

    I'm sure you could come up with some pretty nice ideas to make it look better.

    Have a great day


  3. Hi Sue!
    :) I love this pretty pink towel holder!
    About your bathroom... I was going to suggest the same thing as Donna Lynn in painting them white.
    I did that to mine. And mine were NEW cabinets!!! haha Mine are maple wood. So they had this maple/oak-y color. First I primmed them and then used one coat of paint. It was pretty easy actually and we did that in our both bathrooms AND in our kitchen...painted them all white :)

    If you do paint, take before and after pictures!!!! :) That'd be fun to see! :)


  4. There is special paint for resurfacing tiles. My niece had no idea this had been done until she took out to vanity. Unfortunately the new sink was open and see thru. And I bet you can paint the cabinets also.

  5. Hi Sue :)

    We have a HUGE bathroom too and we can't stand how big it is, because it's freezing in there. Better yet, it doesn't have a door on it because builders these days don't care about privacy. At least we have a water closet LOL

    I was going to suggest what Donna Lynn said too. You can also do a whitewash on the floor, but I don't know what is used for that.

    off to


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