Thursday, May 01, 2008

Aidan's Birthday Party

Last Sunday we celebrated Aidan's 4th birthday at Aaron and Angie's. Angie always puts on such a beautiful buffet. These little stuffed burgers that Aaron grilled up for us were a big hit.
Aidan is a ball of energy and it is almost impossible to get a picture of this little guy who is always in motion.
This celebration was more than sweet because of everything that has happened this year. I praise God for bring Aaron back to us. He is doing so well. His eyes miraculously seem to be healing themselves. We had planned on going to a sight clinic in Boston but have decided to hold off because his eyes are improving so much on their own. Aaron is getting stronger all the time. He is back to working full time, driving and most of all enjoying life with his family. His golf game still needs a bit of work ;)


  1. It is hard to believe that Aidan is 4 and he is the baby in the family...I remember watching the girls while they were at the hospital waiting for him to arrive! You are truly blessed to have such a lovely family, you have all been so wonderful to me and I hope to always stay in touch. Hope to see you sometime soon-

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    So glad to hear Aaron is doing so good. God is sure wonderful. So good to see the pictures of the party. Your little grandson is adorable. I know how those balls of energy can be I have one myself and he is almost 8 so I can definately related.

  3. Isn't God good? He looks great! And the birthday boy is've got me wanting to make mini burgers for our next party. Mmmm...

    Can't wait to read your prior post on the guest house...looks lovely!

  4. Sue, Thanks so much for the visit to hill country house! Your life sounds full of challenges and big blessings!

    Love your guest house and will be back soon for a closer look and read!

  5. I loved the cake, did you make that? I bet that your sweet boy adored it too, did it leave your mouth red and blue? I saw a funny picture of that on a blog not too long ago, made me really laugh!
    I missed the latest guest house picutes, what in the world? I always check your blog...I will be enjoying them next!!!
    Have a lovely day today,
    Blessings too...Donna Lynn

  6. Oh how I wish I could be a kid again and have super heros on my cake. The cake looks amazing.

  7. Happy Birthday to Aidan~ 4 years old is a wonderful age to be!

    So happy to hear that Aaron is doing so well!

  8. Sue,
    Thank you for dropping in to visit with my granddaughters....a visit to a new blogger is so important....

    I am so elated for Aaron and you that he's doing so well....praise our wonderful God....

    Ronald still has a feeding tube and is pretty much bed ridden....his wife is trying to find some facility nearer home but he has so many special needs such as dialysis, will be a miracle if he makes has been almost 4 months....please do continue to remember him and Dean in your prayers....God Bless...Betty

  9. Happy Birthday to Aidan,looks like it was a lot of fun and what a fantastic cake!
    So pleased that Aaron is doing so well,please God it continues!
    What a bundle of joy you have in Nolan James he is such a little cutie!
    Love and Blessings to you all
    from Kathyann and the girls


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