Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wild for White

Right now everything white is catching my eye. Maybe it is because John wants to paint the garage blue and I am trying, ever so gently, to help him realize that if we paint the garage light blue with the pink cupboards that he just installed he may be in for more taunting from his Harley friends than he imagines. I've had these images on my computer for a while and they keep catching my eye. Ornate white moldings add so much texture to what could be a very bland space. Classically placed moldings can be tricky to place but if you get it right it can add so much to a room. One of my favorite women of style is the late Nancy Lancaster. She used art in her living room to create the illusion of classical molding by placing the pictures as if they were tucked inside classically placed molding. That room has been photographed many times and if I find it I'll will post about it.
The hardware on this gorgeous door also adds texture and sparkle to another white room.
The diamond shaped mullions on the windows in this white kitchen add texture and dimension.

~Kitchen Picture is from The Well Appointed House~
~Ornate Door is from
~ Mirror on white is from


  1. Dear Sue, I'm glad you like hardware too-- but since we like the same things, I'm not surprised. Love the photos and I agree on the garage color. Stephanie

  2. I love white now more than ever now. It's so fresh looking!

  3. Oh how pretty! I love the way the shells are hung.

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  4. Yum - you know how I love white and these rooms are done in just the right way! Especially like the kitchen with it's touches of blue and natural plants. Very serene yet refreshing. Makes me want to open a can of white paint and start in on the trim in my sun room.....

  5. I love the hardware on the doors-lovely!!

  6. Hi, I just hopped over from Lori's Pink Faded Roses. Don't even know how I got here, but I LOVE your blog site. Your taste mirrors mine very much. I'll be back. Is it OK if I put you on my favorites?

    Aunt May's Cottage

  7. What a lovely post! I'm also loving all the white! Great choices as usual...


  8. I thought I noticed something different the minute I walked through your blog door!...your pink walls are missing. Love the new look, so nice and fresh. Love the pictures of your hardware.

  9. I wish I could say that the hardware in this post was mine but it is not. It is a picture that I have had on my computer for a long time and I can't remember where it came from. Does any one know where this picture and the one with the shells are from so I can credit these mystery photos?


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