Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pantry Project

This afternoon I finally got a chance to get the pantry cleaned out and organized. After my last trip to Costco things were stuffed in every which way and in danger of a complete avalanche.

The craziness that is my life has settled down a bit. As a result I had a burst of energy and pulled everything out of the pantry, gave it a good scrubbing, and reorganized it. It was easier to organize this time because John installed some cabinets, that were being discarded from the building he is working on, into the garage, right outside our back door. The non-food things that I had in here got moved to the garage leaving plenty of space to arrange things.
Hope everyone had a good day. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm in total "panty envy"! Oh to have that space....the stand for your produce is such a good idea! Very nicely organized my dear.

  2. Me again....I see you figured out how to do the photo in the side bar! What a treat!

  3. Ah, Sheryl............are you sure you ment "panty envy"? This is cracking me up, too funny, especially since you know my take on panties.
    Thanks for the kind words thou. I knew you would get a kick out of seeing an clean pantry at my house for a change.
    *Note* When Sheryl comes to visit she has been known to take everything out of my cupboards and reorganize everything. Another reason why I love this girl......

  4. Unlike yesterday I have put my specs on before I began typing. hehehe.... Actually I did end up with "panty envy" yesterday, as I put away our friend "C's" teeny-tiny undies during the move... She would definitely have "pantry envy" over yours as she has soooo little space in her kitchen. This move is going to be an adventure for them...., but we got their bed together and made so they had somewhere to sleep last night!


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