Friday, August 10, 2007

A Walk In The Garden

This morning I grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and my camera to see if there was any thing pretty blooming in the garden that I could share with you. Usually when I am outside first thing in the morning there is no one around, but as luck would have it, the neighbor pulled out of his driveway right when I was coming out. Oh well, I'm sure he has seen worse but it reminds me to try to get dressed first thing in the morning. I feel bad that he had to be subjected to a lady of a certain age in her night gown with a hoodie over it and uncombed hair first thing in the morning. Maybe he didn't notice me as I slid behind a shrub.


  1. Dear Sue, I loved your blog today! Firstly, those hydrangeas are too lovely. They are such a great plant. I had to laugh about the nightgown walks-- I am also guilty and have been caught by most of my neighbors
    (I sometimes run when ducking is not available). Stephanie

  2. Everything looks beautiful!

  3. Hah!!You remind me of myself, carefully opening my door, peeking out for any signs of life before dashing to the mailbox to get my newspaper!! Sometimes I get caught in the act, poor neighbours!!!


  4. Any time I think of you out in your nightie, I remember you and Dana telling the stories about the painters and you in your nightie...It still makes me giggle.

  5. Sue, your garden looks beautiful. Our things are just about fried here in AL...and yours looks very lush & green. I just love stargazer lillies too & planted 3 last year. I got some very pretty blooms, but nothing like yours.



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