Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Home Made Lemoncello

A week ago we went to an Italian Cocktail & Dinner Party where the host and hostess set up a Make-Your-Own Lemoncello bar. They provided all the lemons, canning jars, decorative jars, the directions to complete our Lemonchello at home, and the little bags to carry it all home.

While at the party we each pealed the skin off of five lemons and put them in pint sized jars. After that we added a cup of any kind of vodka, that we chose and were instructed to bring to the party, into the jar.

The rest of the instructions were printed out on these cute cards that were attached to our take-out bags. If you click on the above picture you can see them close up.

Because we had a busy weekend I am a few days late in completing the process but I don't think that will cause any major problems with the mixture.

This morning I boiled the sugar syrup, let it cool to room temperature, added the marinated lemon mixture, then strained it into the decorative bottles. It was a little tricky straining the mixture and a bit of it went down the drain but all in all it was time consuming but easy.

If you are looking for a theme for a Dinner Party I would highly recommend incorporating making your own Lemoncello into the program. It was a big hit at the party and it takes care of your party favors in a big way too.

My whole house smells lemony delicious too!


  1. I love this idea. I am having a gathering saturday and will use this! I hadnt chose a theme yet. Thanks so much for splendid idea and sharing the recipe.

  2. What a fantastic idea!! I love this....how great, thank you for sharing the recipe. I love this idea and will bookmark it for when I move, this is so up my alley!!


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