Friday, May 06, 2011

Mother's Day

Wishing you all a very happy Mother's Day.

This will be the first year that my sister and I will be celebrating Mother's Day without our beautiful Mother but she will always be in our heart.


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    This is the first time I have been to your blog page. As always your home is beautiful. You have such talent and such an eye for beauty.
    I remember my first Mother's Day without my mom. I just wanted it to be over. It is such a difficult day when you have lost your mom. Then I realized I really hadn't lost her since she was with me in everything I did. I am sure your mom is with you today and everyday. God bless you and my you enjoy the warm memories of your mom that you hold in your heart today and everyday. Those are the hugs she left behind.
    Love, Rita

  2. Sue I am sorry. I am sure this will not be an easy Mothers day. My best friend is going through the same thing..its a tough year for her. She has decided to honor her mother through pictures and the many wondeful memories that they have together and she believes in talking about her mother a lot, it helps in the healing and grieving process. I don't think when you lose someone, you ever totally get over it....I think a small part of you always yearns for them and their companionship. I think we learn coping skills and ways to manage to go on, and find we have inner strengths we didnt' know we had. God gives us fortitude and fight that sometimes surprises us. I am happy for you that you have a sister as a support system, which is so very important.....may you comfort each other during what I can only imagine is a difficult weekend. God bless you both.

  3. PS She was a beautiful, classy and very refined looking lady!

  4. Cherish the fond memories you have of your mother. Its not easy, but I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day! I won't be spending mine with my mom, turn out they went upnorth to the cottage. The nerve, ha ha! At least I'll be in Grosse Pointe next wknd.

  5. Sue, your Mother's picture is lovely. Our mothers will always be in our hearts.
    Your home is just beautiful. You really have an eye for beauty.
    Joy & Peace to you ~

  6. Beautiful picture!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. How beautiful. I mean just a very, classic beauty. Thanks for sharing the photo. My heart and prayers are with you. I know this year has been so hard on you.

  8. What a beautiful picture of your Mother! My heart goes out to you.

  9. Sue, I'm so sorry. I know this had to be a rough Mother's Day weekend. You honor her with your life and all you do. I know you must miss her terribly.

    xo Elizabeth

  10. I am so sorry that you are missing your Mother. Her photo is so striking and seems to share what I imagine wsa a lovely, grace filled heart! I hope that your Mother's Day, though, was filled with love and good memories (some new and some old.)


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