Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vintage Vera Bradley

We had an eventful weekend in Mt. Pleasant. Blake turned 6 today but we celebrated his birthday on Saturday afternoon. Early evening I finally had a chance to spend a few minutes with Sheryl at Friendship Cottage and we exchanged our Christmas gifts. Later we gathered at Dad's to visit with Ray and Rong. They had their adorable daughter, who also turns 6 today, with them. We had not seen them since she was born and what a treat that was. More about that later....
It was a quick trip, but event packed and very fun.

I snapped this picture of my vintage Vera Bradley, Miller Bag, Large Tote & Villager Handbag in the Greenfield pattern, and my book of choice for the ride, as we were heading out the door because I thought it would be a good introduction to one of my favorite bloggers. She also is a fan of Vera Bradley and if you click here it will take you to her blog posts on the topic.

I hope you all had a good weekend, whether it was eventful or not, and that you enjoy meeting Muffy Aldrich at The Daily Prep as much as I have. I am bias toward her because I love New England and find her life style of authenticity, simplicity, thrift and integrity one that I look up to and aspire to emulate. Her traditional life style and choice of clothing translates well to our environment here in Michigan too....


  1. Sue,
    I ,too, love Vera Bradley! So easy to spot on those blasted airline conveyor belts.:) Your set is especially lovely. When my youngest daughter started high school I bought her a Vera Bradley backpack. Well she has started a virtual trend at school and now EVERYONE has one. Mom does know best! LOL!
    I'm on my way to Muffy's. Thanks for the link!

  2. I love Vera too Lisa. We started selling it in our store in 2000 and a lot of people really liked it. I think some of the new patterns are very nice.

  3. Love your set of Vera, it is so true about spotting it at the airport, there's no chance someone will say, "Oh, it looked like mine". I remember back when my mother started buying Vera, decades ago!

    Sending you a smile, stay warm!

  4. Thank you Sue! You are much too kind. Your bags are beautiful and Greenfield is my favorite pattern.

  5. That is a great set of Vintage Vera!
    Funny... I was in Mt pleasant this past weekend as well !
    Have a pretty day!

  6. love your VB collection, cute pattern!

    i left something for you over on my blog:


    ~ PLD


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