Friday, January 21, 2011

A Scottish Frame of Mind

We have some Scottish lineage running through our family tree so over the years I have incorporated doses of Scottish Country into our houses. After being in this house for seven years I am starting to think about improving our bedrooms. You can see in the fuzzy picture above the scratchings I did as a guideline for one of the guest rooms and several pictures I have saved to frame for future projects.
This book will put me in a Scottish frame of mind as I contemplate how to transform the guest room into a Scottish retreat.

Love the plaid chair and gold framed pictures of Ancestors or Scottish hero's.

At one time I had a couple of chairs very similar to the ones above but they ended up at Daughter Dana's and I think one of them broke. To bad, they would have worked well in the future Scottish retreat....
This along with several of my other unfinished projects will more than likely be left to percolate until the right time presents itself. Having a vague plan waiting allows me to be on the look out for those unique items that go into creating a house of distinction, and by that I do not mean superior, but one with distinguishing quality or characteristics, and not one that is assembled with one trip to the Pottery Barn.
I am tempted to add here that I like Pottery Barn and often by things from them, but I really do not, and have not....
Are you a Pottery Barn fan or do you like to gather things from unusual sources or use inherited pieces in your house?


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see what you do. I love Scotland!

  2. I am Scottish too! My maiden name is Campbell. I love the design photos you shared...I don't think I have ever considered using this part of my heritage in my have inspired me to find out more!

    I think we are of like mind about our design styles...I prefer a more collected approach...than an entire home purchased from a catalog;)!

    What a wonderful post!

  3. How exciting to change a bedroom or any room. I like the theme and can't wait to see what colors and accessories you choose.

  4. I like your ideas, it seems they would give off a very warm and inviting vibe.
    I prefer to shop in off the wall places or use inherited pieces. I usually find when I buy brand new accent pieces, I'm not happy with them later. Actually I'm never happy...I"m always looking for something to re-do! LOL!

  5. I am a gatherer from all kinds of places (I am a scavenger according to some! LOL). I can't wait to see what you do with your "new" room!

  6. That will be a fabulous room! ....and tho I love my shabby chic cottage look most days....other days I long for a clutter free Pottery Barn decor!


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