Friday, January 07, 2011

Catching Up

A couple of days ago a dear friend of mine sent me a link to Susan Branch's site suggesting I check it out. Well, I had already been a fan of Susan's for a long time but her message reminded me that I needed to order my 2011 calendar.
I found my 2009 calendar behind my 2010 one when I took it down off of the nail in my kitchen cupboard in my phone and file area. See all the nasty tape on the bottom of the calendars....I need it to keep the pages from flopping down after turning to the next months. Do your calendars do that or are you a strictly digital calendar keeper?
I have tried the digital method but am not ready to fully embrace it for several reasons. 1) I share this wall calendar with Mr. LAH (I recently learned that it is common to refer to a blogger spouse using the initials of their blog title to reference them in blog posts ;) ) who refuses to get with the technical revolution going on in the world. 2) Fear of lost information 3) The love of Susan Branch's little stories and sweet illustrations on her calendars.
Hopefully by the middle of the month our 2011 calendar will get here and I can catch up with the rest of the world or at least our little corner of it.

On another note

I have been discovering (spending way too much time devouring) some really beautiful, informative blogs.

Yvonne, over at StoneGable is one. She has weekly menu's that hopefully will help me with the question of what to make for dinner that often goes unanswered around here leading to too many nights eating out. I love to cook and have tried several different types of sites offering suggestions for menus like, Saving Dinner, French Women Don't Get Fat, and a couple Mommy Blogger suggestions to get ideas for what to fix for dinner. Since I don't want to save dinner I would rather enjoy dinner, I am not French, and my Mommy days are long gone, Yvonne at StoneGable's sumptuous tablescapes, delicious looking food and fabulous presentation of recipes seems like a better fit for Mr. LAF and me.
If you need some meal time inspiration or just inspiration in general stop by and visit Yvonne and tell her I sent you. That might help her understand why I am lurking around her blog so much....Hehe.

Blake's birthday party is this weekend and I hope to catch up with friends to exchange our Christmas presents. Have a good weekend and I will chat with you next week.


  1. Yes, Sue that is a Spode tureen in the breakfast room. A gift from me to me after my two knee surgeries last year!!!! I've wanted it "forever" and I am so happy with it -- it is definitely a twin of yours!!!!

  2. I love Susan Branch and I have been a big fan of hers I think ever since her first cookbook came out.
    I have given her Christmas book to so many people I can not count how many. She just seems so real and genuine.

  3. Susan Branch is so adorable....thanks for the link to Stone Gable...I will check it out.

  4. Sue,
    All I can say is great minds think alike! I bought the Susan Branch calendar for my little work room and the Mary Lake Thompson for my kitchen.
    Stone Gable is a wonderful blog and Yvonne is one talented lady. Her tablescapes are simply beyond beautiful and her menus all sound so yummy.

  5. Oooops, I better go back into my post and correct Yvonne's name. I called her Martha....
    Thank you Lisa for giving me a heads up. So many wonderful bloggers to keep straight.

  6. I love Susan Branch!!! Her work just makes me happy. So glad to have popped by and caught up with your wonderful blog! Happy New Year.

  7. saw-weet!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I love Susan Branch as well. Sign up for her free email newsletter of Willard!! Also, at her website if you go to online store, then go to the bottom to "From Me To You With Love" she regularly puts free downloads of computer wallpapers and printable stationery. She updates regularly. IT is very cool.


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