Monday, December 20, 2010

A Visit To Meadow Brook Hall

Tonight we are going to visit one of America's Castles. Meadow Brook Hall is located on the property of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. They open the house every year for their main fundraiser, a Holiday Walk.
Here is a closer picture of the enterance.
The picture above is of the Banquet Hall.
Here is the fireplace in the Main Hall beautifully decorated for the Holiday Walk.
This is the living room fireplace.
I love the paneling in Mrs. Wilson's Study
Meadow Brook Hall is a place for the community and its visitors to be entertained, educated and inspired by history. As Meadow Brook Hall is fully self-funded, it relies on events such as the annual Holiday Walk for its preservation and interpretation.

You can read about the history of this interesting house and view more pictures at the link below.

Pictures courtesy of Meadow Brook Hall website


  1. What beautiful pictures!!
    I just found your blog today and had to say hello to a fellow Michiganer!!! I am originally from TC but live in Florida now. I miss the snow for Christmas
    Happy Holidays!!!
    (Oh and I like your name too)

  2. How pretty Sue -- does anyone still live there?

  3. I love that place! Used to enjoy going there!
    I love the Henry Ford Museum, the Dodge Mansion and so many more places is MI.

  4. Beautiful! Just about made it there one year!!

  5. Thank you for supporting us! I work at the Hall and attendance has been great this year. People like you, who beautifully spread the word about MBH, helped that to happen, thanks!

  6. Beautiful photos, haven't been there in AGES! Thanks for sharing! :)


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