Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Things

Well the neighbors may have questioned the sight of me outside this morning in my robe and PJ's but I wanted to get this picture for you so it was worth it....

One of my favorite things is having our dry cleaning picked up and delivered. Every week I hang the cute yellow bag the cleaners provides us on the front door and in a couple of days they bring us beautifully laundered and pressed shirts and pants. The best part of this small luxury is that they provide this service for FREE....

Thank you Bella Cleaners of Shelby Twp., Michigan. If you are in this area you might want to give them a try or ask the dry cleaner that you are using if they provide this luxurious service. It really is one of my favorite things.


  1. That would be a nice treat, especially this time of year!

  2. I was in Shelby in July. I have family in that area.
    Do you now where Ray, MI is or Armada. Love Blake's Cider Mill!
    I'll have to tell family about the cleaners.

  3. Yes Rose I think I know about where Ray and Armada are. We went to Blake's once and tried to go back another year but could not find it....
    Next time you are in the area let me know, it would be fun to meet up.


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