Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two New Books

The books that I ordered months ago, before they were released, were delivered a couple of weeks ago. These beauties will be my project today.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My thoughts go out to you as well! Your books look like the perfect project for a cold winter day here in Michigan! Enjoy!

  2. i got to meet alexa at a book signing in nyc. she was lovely! i arrived at the party a little early, fresh from shooting on the nate show. i had some luggage with me and she helped me stow it. she was wearing 7-inch heels, but sat all night!

  3. Both of the books look wonderful. Enjoy the read. Hugs, Marty

  4. Nothing more perfect on a cold weather day than to curl up with a pleasant book (or two). Thinking of you Sue, I know what it is to go though the Holiday season with a heart heavy with the loss of someone dear. I lost my own mother 8 years ago, she also had Alzheimer's. Hoping for you, some memories of sweet times that will bring you moments of joy.

  5. Hello
    I just found your blog and love all your treasures. I have not seen those two books before I am always looking at Barnes & Nobel so will look for them.

    Your house is beautiful I can only dream about houses like your.

    anyway Merry Christmas


  6. Wonderful eye candy and food for the decorators soul! I hope you made yourself nice and cozy and sat in your favorite chair to enjoy your book...perfect for a cold Michigan winter day!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was so nice to see you there! I really must work on that blog! LOL I have the best of intentions and so little time! My new years resolution is to post something once a week. I will certainly be looking to your blog for inspiration!

  8. Have fun going through your new books.
    Did you find your camera or did you have to use another one.
    You're so right--we have to go on a trip outside the U.S. to find warmth.


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