Friday, April 10, 2009

~ Tradition ~

Time is short around here like it probably is at your house today too. Yesterday I mentioned that if I got a minute I would include Nolan's high chair to my children's Easter tablescape post. Since I am short on time, here is our babies undecorated bunny high chair.
These sweet bunnies have entertained all of our grandchildren when they were babies. Never mind that this is the most uncomfortable, impractical high chair ever made, it is cute and family tradition! Part of the tradition includes the family member that has on the most flexible belt when babe' is hoisted into the chair takes it off and we use it to strap in said babe'. Ah, tradition.

While photographing the high chair this cookie jar caught my eye. Some of you have commented about these bunnies and when my friends were here last week we were discussing them. Well, here's the deal. When Sheryl got home she e-mailed me that Fitz & Floyd was having a sale and that they had the Old World Bunny candle sticks included in the sale.

Off I went to Fitz & Floyd's website to check it out.

Not only were the candle sticks on sale, but most of the entire line was still available at deep discount.
Here is the teapot that is perched atop of the dishes that are all clean and packed up, ready to be shipped of to the winner of my first Giveaway that you can still sign up for.

Gentleman bunny candle holder.

Lady candle holder.
The canape plate.

Blessings & Happy Easter my friends.


  1. Sue,
    Sometimes we must slightly suffer for our family traditions, especially when they are as adorable as this high chair. Love the belt action…made me smile! I covet those fitz and Floyd bunnies, they are wonderful. Have a Happy Easter!.....~Cathy~

  2. Cooking here all day long but I had to check my blog friends!

    That high chair is unbelievable! Beautiful. I love all your Fitz & Floyd.

    Have a very Happy Easter!

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Oh Sue...what would we do without our memories...what a precious highchair

    Pretty pieces I have a couple of X mas ornaments from them...

    I just came from Dana's what a beautiful table she set and those cookies...too cute...

    Happy Easter,
    xo Kathy :)

  4. Oh, that high chair is soooo cute! I just love all of those bunnies on that tray. You can't find one like that today. Just beautiful! And all of the good memories are even better!

  5. Wow!! Those bunnies are incredible!! I love the high chair, too. What lucky grandchildren to have such a treasure to grow up in.

    Have a Blessed Easter.

    Aunt May's Cottage

  6. I simply adore the high chair! It's wonderful!

    Have the most wonderful Easter!

  7. Love, love love that high chair! And what beauties you found at F&F! Happy Easter!

  8. Sue,
    I love your precious high chair!!! I have an antigue wicker one that needs a little work...I am going to show the artist this picture!!! I am still waiting for grandchildren to sit in it...not very patiently!!! Your bunnies ar beautiful and make such a lovely springtime statement!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter and may God bless you and your family!!!


  9. Hi Sue,
    We had the same high chair, but not painted as lovely as yours. We bought it for it's eye appeal, not for it's practicallity! We usually used a couple of dish towels tied together to hold the kids in place, they had to suffer for beauty!
    Happy Easter!

  10. Very pretty!
    I've been busy cleaning and getting rid of alot in my twins' room. The things they accumulate.
    But that's not going to stop me from visiting everyone's wonderful blogs. :)
    Have a blessed Easter.

  11. Isn't it fun to have things like your high chair to bring back a rush of memories! We got our first high chair by sending in baby food labels. If you had a certain amount, you could get free items. We saved forever to get the high chair and our grandchildren use it here now. Have a wonderful Easter! Sandi

  12. I'm in love with your grandbabies' highchair! What a charming tradition. I'm so glad you got your sweet bunnies on sale.They're awfully cute!

  13. The high chair in my attic similar to this probably has food that has turned to stone instead of being this adorable blue chair you have. It's too cute not to deal with a little discomfort ( and besides they can't talk :)

  14. OH MY GOSH - I think that high chair is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Can I please be in your family?? :-)

  15. Hi Sue :)

    That high chair is really cute and yes, I think my grandkids would have to suffer if it was mine too LOL

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  16. That highchair is adorable Sue. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  17. That highchair is adorable Sue. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  18. The high chair is adorable. Happy Easter Sue and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  19. Sue,
    What an adorable high chair! I've never seen one like it...

    All the Fitz and Floyd bunnies are adorable...

    Please do enter my name for the give away...what an honor it would be to have something of yours in my a part of your sweet heart...

    Happy Easter to you and yours...Betty

  20. Oh, that high chair is absolutely adorable! Any baby should be glad to suffer some discomfort to be able to eat in a high chair that looks like this! Can you tell I adore that high chair? All of the Fitz and Floyd pieces are beautiful. laurie

  21. That high chair is just precious! Love, love, love all the Fitz and Floyd...all their products are beautiful:)

  22. That is just too darling. Do you only bring out seasonally?

  23. Hi there! I'm a new blogger and just came across your blog! (there's so many to see!) I feel as though I've found my decorating soul mate! lol. Your home is so charming, I just love it!! Love the Fitz and Floyd too, SOOO CUTE!! ( I have a few F&F pieces too). Please stop by and visit my blog sometime:)
    Your new fan!!!

  24. Hi Sue
    All your Easter things are beautiful, but the high chair is the best!! When our kids were growing up I had a beautiful pressed back highchair which was totally impractical. It's up in the attic and today I was just thinking about getting it out of there and displaying it somewhere in the house. Now I am definitely going to do it.
    I hope I can still enter your giveaway.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  25. I just took a look at the giveaway and see I've already entered it :) Sure hope I win!!

  26. Hi again! You asked me about the wallpaper I used in my Master Suite.
    No, it wasn't purchased recently, and is probably discontinued now. It was put up at the beginning stage of a large addition to our home. and unfortunately took several years to fully complete, as we did alot of the work ourselves in our spare time.
    I hope you are going to post pics of the nursery, I'd love to see it:)

  27. That high chair is darling! And who doesn't like Fitz and Floyd!

  28. I'm so in love with this high chair! Just beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a lovely day!

  29. Anonymous9:09 PM

    So pretty. I collect stuffed
    and homemade bunnies.
    I decorate our bedroom
    with bunnies!
    Sue from Mt Pleasant MI

  30. Oh my those are just darling bunnies! I'm normally not a thematic person but I'd love to find or get those bunnies! Lovely and the cookie jar and canape plates are simply "wow"!

  31. yes,that hi-chair is awesome.and the bunnies???wowow.i love everything...ann

  32. Those bunnies are truly glorious! i love them so!

    And the highchair is such a treasure. I have neverseen one so precious, so wonderful. It is the very example of a family heirloom!


  33. Even tho I've seen you :), hadn't been by your blog to see that the bunnies had arrived - along with some other beauty's I see!!!
    Love - S

  34. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that highchair... classic!


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