Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~Candi & Cindi Uncoorked's Giveaway~

One of my BFF's and her darlin' daughter publish a monthly magazine in the Central Michigan area that has turned out to be quite a hit.
One of the monthly features of the magazine that is fabulously popular is their feature 'Candi & Cindi UnCoorked'. They prepare and style an amazing meal and sample several varieties of wine with it to come up with the perfect pairing of food and wine.

Candi & Cindi have started a blog that you can visit here to sign up to win the beautiful iridescent wine glasses in the picture above. They have several items left over from their photo shoots that they will be giving away in the future too. By signing up to follow the girl's as they get their blog site up an running you will have access to the giveaways and links to all the great recipes and wine pairing results that they feature in their magazine Mt. Pleasant Monthly.

Another feature that has everyone in the area searching for a copy of Mt. Pleasant Monthly is the home section. In this section they go inside one of the lovely homes in the area each month for an up close and personal look and the homes and the people that have created them.
Hopefully in the future they will feature these lovely homes on their blog site too. The picture above is a mural that Jill Alverado, a local artist, painted in Cindi's powder room.

Mt. Pleasant is a beautiful little college town, the home of Central Michigan University. It still has a thriving downtown community center where residents park their cars in front of the shops and spend part of their mornings and afternoons visiting with shop owners and other residents that they run into along the way as they shop for their needs, stop for coffee at one of the shops, or meet friends for lunch.
The streets lined with the huge old maple trees that hang over the boulevards are reminiscent of the lovely towns of Provence in southern France where the plane trees abound. The homes are lovingly cared for by their owners. A walk from home to downtown can take a long time as you visit with neighbors that you meet on your way.

Mt Pleasant Monthly captures all the charm and character that Mt. Pleasant has to offer. Candi & Cindi capture the kind of entertaining hospitality that takes place there in Candi & Cindi Uncoorked. On any given evening we get on the phone an invite a group of friends over and more often than note we end up at Cindi's where she miraculously pulls things from her cupboard and whips up a meal fit for kings. That is just one of the reasons that we call her the Queen.

Take a minute and skip over to Candi & Cindi's new blog, sign up to follow and leave them a comment to enter to win the beautiful wine glasses and welcome them to blogging. I'm sure once they get it all figured out they will delight you with their amazing talent and generosity.


  1. Thanks for the link to Candi & Cindi's blog -- I'm following - looks like fun!

  2. Sounds like a great blog, however when I click on the site you mentioned it says not found. Could you give us the exact blog address? Hugs,Marty

  3. Thanks Marty. I just asked Candi to send me the correct addresses to the magazine and the Candi & Cindi Uncoorked website and will correct them as soon as she responds.
    You can go to their blog by clicking on the link in the last paragraph of this post or the link on my blog roll.
    Thanks again Marty for letting me know about the link failure.

  4. Sue, I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an award. You don't know this, but before I began my blog, I found yours while surfing for a strawberry cake recipe. I liked it so much, one thing led to another and I decided to start one of my own. You just never know what an influence you can be.
    Drop by my place when you get a chance and check it out.
    Have a happy Friday, Marsha

  5. Anonymous2:50 AM

    Yep we lived for 20 years in Mt Pleasant we raised our son and daughtet there.
    We lived on Heritage Court
    in the hospital area.
    My son graduated from CMU.
    And i worked as an RN in
    The Laurels a Nursing Home
    there on Crapo Street.
    I walked to work!
    I remember Rics Grocery
    Store. We loved it there!
    Best and friendliest neighbors we ever had,
    How MP has grown with the
    Soaring Eagle Casino being
    there. Sigh how I miss
    Susan Ohio

  6. I love the photos of your house. Particularly the garden (I'm a bit of a garden freak) Those goblets are beautiful. I'll definitely head over to Candi and Cindi's blog.

  7. Love those goblets! Can't wait to find those!

  8. Sue,
    Thanks for sharing your friend's site, hope they have great success! Nice to see a few other's from our neck of the woods. ~Cathy~


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