Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Of A Week At The Guest House

Good morning. Hope you are all well this grey fall day. I just am stopping in to visit a minute.

While staying here for more than a weekend a few changes have been made. See the big double green and white checked chair in the sun porch area. Well, it is the most uncomfortable chair to sit in so I moved it from where the brown rose chair is now out to the sun porch.

This grey day made it possible to take a picture of the shelf over the bank of windows in the great room. Most of the things sitting on the shelf were found in Mom's attic and she so enjoys seeing them out where she can actually get to look at them.

Here is the new arrangement of seating that is a little more comfortable to set in to watch TV.

This little guest house is really pretty tiny. This is a shot from off the kitchen. On the left is one bedroom, down the hall to the right is the bathroom and to the back is the other bedroom. You can see how narrow the interior walls are. I think they are just sheets of bead board back-to-back with some studs in between.

This picture show the cottage style closets in the first bedroom.

Walking over to Mom's back door you can see some of the detail of the copper piping, the heavily textured brick and the slate shingle roofing. The house was built in the late '30s using beautiful, durable materials.

They have lived her for about 30 years now and have updated only once in all that time.

The kitchen was done 30 years ago but still functions pretty well. The big faux plants, wallpaper, curtains and bar stools really need to go. The agenda for this week though has been to replace the cookware. Sunday I made pancakes for everyone. That is after replacing the box of Bisquick that expired in 1997.............

This is the little den off the kitchen where Mom & Dad sit by the cozy fireplace that has never worked. Mom loves here TV table by her chair.......

Pretty herringbone pattern on the brick in the fireplace that has never worked.

A bit of British Colonial in the living room.

Detail of the molding in the powder room off the foyer.

Fun monkey business wallpaper and painting on the powder room wood work.
Hope you all have a great day. It has been a busy week so I haven't been able to get around to visit all your blogs but hope to soon.


  1. Your parents' guest house is so charming. I love the colors & everything about it. Their home is lovely too. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Hi Sue, wow , that little house is just amazing! I so loved the tour!! and all that beadboard is wonderful!! I love that shelf with the corbels too!! stunning!! Great tour , thanks and omg, the outside is stunning too, that back door area is so quaint and fabulous !!

    Have a great week !! ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  3. I love the guest house and your parent's home! I esp. like the exterior trim color on their house.

    Lovely photos!

    The kiddos were SO cute on Halloweeen. That is the sweetest scarecrow I've ever seen~

  4. That's just about the cutest, little cottage ever. Love it!

    Your parents' house is very nice. I was totally into their sofa fabric and monkey wallpaper back in the day. :-)

  5. So much attention to detail. The main house and the guest house are perfect. Love that shelf above the window...I always like those.

  6. How very nice. Although it hasn't been updated recently, there is a timeless sense of beauty that is always in style. I particulary liked the beautiful staircase.

  7. I would be hard pressed to choose which detail of the houses is my favorite. The kitchen, aside from the wallpaper and curtain, is amazing!

  8. Sue,
    The guest house is so charming!

  9. What a sweet guest room! I'm new to your blog and it's beautiful. I took time off from blogging so I spend some time visiting different blogs. I'm so glad I found yours.

  10. What wonderful pictures Sue. I just love the pictures of the guest house.

  11. Hi Sue, Thank you so much for showing us that guest house, I think it is adorable, I love all the white and the green! Your Mom and Dad's is gorgeous! nancy

  12. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. I love the frame over the fireplace in the den of your parents home.

  13. Hi Sue,
    What a fun tour! I love everything, as usual :)


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