Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Hi, I have missed you. Hope you are all enjoying this glorious season with your loved ones.

On to Christmas.


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Another wonderful cookie day!! What did we guesstimate? Possibly 1,500 cookies? Our thanks, again, to you and John for opening your house to us. What a treat it is each year! I'm sure it will be a bit before you get all the flour off the floor though. We truly love the time with both of you. As always, John's pasta and sauce was exceptional. By the way, your house looked incredible, as usual. I haven't taken the time to decorate yet but you have given me the bug.

    One question...the bowl that Mom was looking at. I went to the MacKenzie-Childs website tonight and could not find that pattern or bowl. Can you help me out? Was I looking in the wrong place?

    Thanks again!

    Love to both of you.

    Mary Anne

  2. WOW!!! That is a house full....mine looked pretty much the same...'cept I forgot to take haaaaa.

  3. Sue I had just been wondering where you were!! Looks like you had quite the crowd for Thanksgiving. ;)

  4. Hi Sue, You had your hands full Thanksgiving, but I am sure you enjoyed it! I LOVE that Santa on your banister!!! CAN'T wait to see more. Nancy

  5. Thanks for visiting me Sue, Wow you had a crowd. You have a lovely home and I love the little guest house. I will be back to visit you meanwhile I am going to add you to my bloglist and hope you do the same with me, Cheryl

  6. wow Sue! what a house full! it must have been so so much work, but everyone looks so happy, so im sure it was worth it!!

    That "kid" table is too cute!! ;)

    Happy Holidays :)

    Hugs, Cynthia

  7. I can tell you enjoy having a house full of guests too. Loved your really captured the spirit of the day.

  8. Looks like everyone had a good time! Don't know how you managed to seat 45 for dinner,but appears you were very clever with your seating - esp. the kids! Your Christmas decor is gorgeous!
    Love - S


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