Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Puppy And A Happiness Jar

 Finally a fairly decent picture of Pippa to share with you all.  Isn't she just the cutiest?  God made her this cute to make up for how awful she acts ;)
 At the kennel for the Rochester Leader Dog Academy they have a wall of the breeder dogs so you can see who your puppies parents are.  Here is Pippa's Dad Gabe, a fairly white, yellow Labradore Retriever.  I think she resembles him.
 This is her beautiful, Golden Retriever Mom Abby.  Hopefully Pippa will take on some of Abby's Golden traits as she ages.  She has longish hair on the back of here legs, ears, and chest so I think there is a good chance that she will.
On another note, the other night I went to Homegoods looking for another blue and white lamp for up north and found one that was recommended by one of my pintrest friends, but, unfortunately, it was too big for where I need one.  Over in the accessories section though they had two of these happiness jars that I also need for the mantle so I picked them up.  Unhappily, when we got home and lifted the back door hatch of our SUV one of my happiness jars fell out and smashed to bits.....grrrrrrr.  I have done this so many time and it makes me so mad every time.  Psssst ~ I didn't open the hatch from the inside, but John did......Not that I am blaming him though.  Ok, I am, but anyhow......Any friends, family or fellow bloggers in the Rochester, MI area, if you see one of these at a local Homegoods I would appreciate a heads up so I can replace the one that I (john) broke.  Thanks!!!


  1. She is the cutest! Maybe it was an Un-Happiness jar....just saying! Sorry about that!

  2. Amy Yee8:57 PM

    Pippa's a doll!

    I'm so sorry about the vase. I just broke one of my favorite teacups yesterday. Mercury must be in retrograde or something. Hopefully, you can find a match soon!


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