Friday, March 20, 2009

~ Foodie Friday Trainwrecks ~

Well, my first Foodie Friday post ever fell right into the theme of this weeks Foodie Friday Trainwrecks quite nicely. I had another funny story about food that I told our lovely host at Designs By Gollum that I was going to post, but this one worked out to be a trainwreck that fit the theme too and it was at hand, as they say. So, welcome to my first Foodie Friday entry.
From a distance it does not look too bad. A nice classic chicken piccata with steamed fresh asparagus as the main course. A light green salad and a side of lasagna left over from last nights dinner with John's sisters, accompanied by a mellow glass of Chianti Rufina.

On closer examination you can see that the steamed asparagus is a limp pale green version of its former self. John does not like his vegetables al dente but cooked a bit further. However, when he asked me if the asparagus were from a can I knew I had crossed the line from al dente to border line mush.

Trainwreck # 2 was the chicken piccata. Usually when I make this I use olive oil to saute the meat in. Well, I saw on a cooking show that regular vegetable oil is preferable because there is less chance of scorching the delicate olive oil. Big mistake. Instead of using my regular process of heating the EVOO over medium heat and slowly cooking the chicken I cranked up this new oil and burnt the heck out of the whole batch of chicken.

Here you get a close up of the limp asparagus and the over cooked chicken, like you really wanted to see it close up......

Well, here it is even closer. You can see how greasy it is, as well as burned.....

It is so disheartening to go to the trouble of making something and having it turn out badly.

Poor asparagus in all their fresh glory before I cremated them.

John's favorite salad that we have with most meals turned out just fine.
Well, there you have it my first Foodie Friday. Thanks for letting me play along.
I'm off to see what other Foodie's have posted at Designs By Gollum and to see if I did this any where near how you are supposed to do it.


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  2. Sue,
    Your disaster actually looks pretty good to me! I loved your husband asked if you were serving food or had the table arranged for one of your tablescapes. The other night my husband walked in and asked who was coming for dinner since I had the tablescape set for 4!

  3. You know, with a table set a pretty as yours, who's going to even worry about the food! The blue and white is just lovely as is my favorite Francis I!

    Just beautiful.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I was laughing so hard at your husband's comment "do we get to eat this"? I think your food looks delish!

  5. It still looks good to me! I wonder why the vegetable oil caused it to burn, though? Your husband's remark about the asparagus reminds me of Dr. Gollum.
    Your tablescape is AWESOME!

  6. Hi Sue! I agree with Cathy, it looks yummy. What all did you put in that salad?

  7. Hello, first time on your blog, and though the food didn't turn out the way you normally make it, they all still look great!

    I mix my canola oil with EVOO, but to the same measurement of how much EVOO the dish calls for. It heats up the same. Also, I save my overcooked asparagus by throwing them into a waiting ice bath. I've had so many "overcooking" disasters that I loved reading yours, lol!

  8. It looks way better than some of my non-disasters!

    And we're the same way with Raymond (Everybody Loves Raymond). So much so that my brother looks like Raymond, and my husband and I live across the street from my parents.

  9. Hi Sue...

    Just wanted to stop by to say thank you for taking a peek at my Spring & Green tablescape...sure do appreciate all of your sweet comments! You asked where I got the green transferware...on ebay! I got such a great deal on the entire set...$10! They were such a good deal that I worried that I had gotten "hoodwinked" with the auction, but I received them and was so happy! Couldn't believe that I got the entire set for just $10.

    Anyway my friend, I enjoyed reading your Foodie Friday mishap! I have to admit that I'm not much of a I had a hard time identifying with your overcooked chicken and asparagus! Hehe!!! Ohhh my, did I just admit to that? hehe!!! But I do know what you's disappointing to spend so much time in preparing something to have a less than perfect result! So sorry! Live and learn, right?

    Warmest wishes,

  10. I thought your food looked wonderful. And the NO cake was too funny! Thanks for visiting my blog and don't be a stranger!

  11. At least your salad turned out ok!! What a beautiful table you had set too!!

  12. It all looks so beautiful! The table setting is lovely and the food looks good. If you hadn't said anything, I would never have known, however, I agree about the oil. I prefer to saute in olive oil and I did try it the other way. It just tastes better in the olive and learn.

  13. Well, gee... I think your food looks great! Does that tell you something about my standards? Oh dear....

    Love the story of your husband wondering if you were actually serving food. They are easily confused, aren't they?


  14. Sue you are hilarious, I know we have just met and we both have Chianti in common but now I know it's much more than that, this sounds so much like a typical day at our house lol and my hubby is called John too (only I call him Vanni short for Giovanni, it's another Italian thing). that Doug has a lot to answer for, your dinner looks lovely and you did a perfect post for Foodie Friday, Happy Spring and Happy Weekend, Kathy.

  15. I'm so laughing at your husbands remark -- I've just started...and my husband has already started shaking his head in bewilderment -- doesn't understand why women "want to play with plates and take pictures to show each other". sigh!

  16. There are no bad dinners when there is good chianti!!!

    Love your blue and white dishes! A really pretty table so I could see why your husband was easily confused.

    Dinner didn't photograph that bad --

    Glad you participated in Foodie Friday -- welcome

  17. Actually it all looks good to me! I love your table setting, I'm a sucker for anything blue and white.
    I have had the same experience when cooking, especially trying to place a really good meal. It falls all apart. My husband eats it all and always says, "it tastes good to me". I love him. :)

  18. But it still looks good! Have a great first weekend of Spring ~ Susan

  19. It looks GREAT from a distance... I'm sure it all tasted good!

  20. It is frustrating when you want to make something special and different and it flops on you.
    Very cute that your hubby asked if it was for dinner...I bake a lot and my kids always ask who it is for...or if they can have some!


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