Thursday, February 05, 2009

Beautiful Blue

Some blue for you.
A robins egg blue candle nestled in moss on a silver candle stick.

Ruffled bowls, silver, and painted candle holders.

White French bowl on linen in blue and white checked kitchen.

A blue and white corner in the kitchen.
I noticed this morning that my first blog post was February 5, 2007 exactly two years ago today. I think that I really started blogging earlier but deleted some of my earliest posts. Time really flies by fast. Lately blogging has fallen by the wayside a bit. I still enjoy visiting blogs from time to time and love to see every ones decorating pictures but most of my free time is spent following the action taking place in Washington DC on the news and blogs. My reactions are not fit to post here so I haven't been doing much blogging.
Our new wireless set up here has somehow deleted all of my e-mail contacts. If any of my friends or family read this would you please drop me a note so I can get you back into my contacts.
We have a beautiful blue sky here this morning. I hope your sky is blue where ever you are.


  1. Sue,
    We do have beautiful blue skies here this morning...down in the teens last night but is warming up this morning...

    Your blue 'pictures' show lovely always your home is so inviting...

    I, too, am disturbed with the news...what has happened to the values our great nation was founded upon...

    Blessings to you and yours...Betty

  2. I too am from Michigan. Where I am we have a few clouds, yet there is some sun. I am new at blogging and have also deleted my share of posts. I enjoy reading your posts!

  3. Sue, turn that depressing news off and come back to blogland where it's more enjoyable. I just can't take the news right now. It's getting me down.

    Your touches of blue are gorgeous. Looks a little springy.

  4. Stacey ~ You are right I should turn off the news but I think I'm addicted............Your comment cracked me up.

  5. Glad you have a blue sky there's beautiful here in Houston!

    You BLUE peices are so pretty and very springy looking.

  6. Hi Sue...I was so excited to open up your blog page and see plates on the favorite!! Thanks for the visit. You are welcome any time!!...Debbie

  7. Hi Sue! I love your blue pieces and those ruffled dishes. The corner in your kitchen looks like a picture from a magazine - it's so lovely!
    Thank you so much for your visit!
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia :)

  8. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I too am addicted to the news Sue. who would have guessed we would be in this much trouble...I am headed to watch Bill O'Reilly right now, pls come back you have been missed !!!

    And by the way, it's your blog you can vent and say anything you want !!!

    Kathy :)

  9. Oh I LOVE the blue corner of the kitchen - I could scrap everything and do the whole house blue and white I swear - found you on my live feed (I swear Im not a stalker :) Just wanted to say hi.

  10. Love the ruffled blue dish! So pretty and springy.

    Have a great day, Denise

  11. Hi Sue,

    Oh my, that last pic is so gorgeous!! I love them all! But I adore that tall jar, how stunning! Such pretties!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  12. Pretty pictures! I miss blue... we used to have several shades of blue in our home, and when we moved I took out every ounce of blue and I am really missing it! I need to bring in some royal to add to my red and deep oranges. Thanks for sharing!

  13. OH, I love blue just like you do! I have lots and lots of blue and white but you put yours together so well! I, too am deeply saddened by the people in Washington. It doesn't seem like many of them are there to serve the PEOPLE. It seems as if they're there to serve themselves and those who bankrolled sending them there. You're a better person than I, because I couldn't keep quiet and blogged about it a day or two ago....I felt better, too because soon free speech may be a thing of the past as well as personal responsibility, common sense, you get the picture! ARGH! But the blogworld is somewhere to come and enjoy the beauty and you sure do have a beautiful home! Loved the photos of your little house behind your parent house!

  14. I love blue too! What pretty china and collectibles you have!

  15. We need some blue sky here! Lovely pictures! jen


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