Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Work In Progress

Here are a couple of pictures of our work in progress. It took about an hour to load these two pictures on this dial-up lap top so not much time to go into detail. We still need to write some orders yet and get them in tonight.
Hope all is well with every one. More pictures might be on Dana's blog later.


  1. This looks like a fabulous cottage get away, I want to move in now! Where can I send the moving van?
    You are doing a wonderful job on the decor, love the soft greens offset by the fabulous white woodwork! OH my!
    I will pray for lots of energy to finish your job, your parents must be thrilled...
    Donna Lynn

  2. It's incredible. It's gorgeous. Can you come redecorate my house? It's smaller than your guest cottage. :) I love it!

  3. Oh how delightful! Emma's sleeping at the moment, but perhaps we can sneak over later...
    Sooooooo, charming!

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Oh Sue & Dana just lovely...what a soothing color...can't wait to see the accessories.

    Nice job,
    Kathy :)

  5. Sue and Dana - what a great job. Love the green color - so warm and inviting. Wish you were closer so you could help me out!!!

    Love to all - Cindy

  6. I must say green is my favorite color! Oh so loving this! Denise

  7. Very pretty. I absolutely love the white, it feels so free and airy!

    You have a lovely blog!

  8. Sue - I absolutely love all of the shades of green for the furniture! I've been really loving green. Gorgeous.

  9. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Oh Sue, I don't know where you get your energy. The house is beautiful! We think of you and John often. Hope Aaron is progressing well. Hope to see you soon.

    Steve and Mary Anne

  10. Hi! for the first time on your blog. It's great. Love your decorations.

  11. Lovely lovely nest! So calming, elegant and charming.

    pd: The house in the roses is sponsoring a "Dessert Carnival", come, participate and have fun! Come see!


  12. I love how the kitchen overlooks the great room.....

    we have an old house and they don't come with great rooms!!!

  13. What an absolutely lovely room! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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