Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Green

The guest house embraces green living from the color of the decor to the use of found items and energy efficient light bulbs. It was so cute yesterday morning when I jumped into Dad's hybrid car and saw his little green reusable shopping bag in the back seat.

We are so excited for Mom and Dad to get home from vacation to have them see their green guest house. They have been away all of last week while we put everything together for them and we hope they are pleased that we kept with a green theme in decorating and energy efficiency.

This nook in the kitchen with the lamp that needs to be reworked will be a comfy spot for them to have coffee in the morning. The old cupboard successfully holds dishes, food, TP & PT for easy access.

This corner shows the use of an old flour bin that we found in their basement and incorporated into use as additional shelf space. It fits in just right to allow a place for a trash can and a recycle can as well as allows room for the broom and dust pan.
The shelf over the window is held up with old brackets that we found St. Germain's antique shop and holds some mementos from Mom's attic. The big picture of flowers was also from the attic.

By Friday we had most everything finished but I didn't take pictures because we had company coming and I just ran out of time. Dana has a couple of other photos posted on her blog.

Hope everyone had a good week.


  1. It's gorgeous!Can't wait to see more photos - how about the bath and bedroom?

  2. Gorgeous!!! So beautiful...!//Linda

  3. Your mum and Dad will be thrilled I'm sure!The whole place looks fantastic and the colours are gorgeous!
    Love from Kathyann and the girls


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