Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Get Moving

Good morning. Well, the last of my injuries from Christmas day are finally beginning to heal. The house is still covered in Christmas decorations but this morning I felt good enough to start the undecorating. So far I have the tops of the cabinets done. They still need some work but at least it is a start. The rabbits and roses are starting to reappear after their rest in the basement. OK, I know the faux foliage on cabinet tops is way over but they work for us so they are back up. They are clean and not your run of the mill ivy (which I really kind of like anyway, if done right, but it seems to have really gotten a bad rap here in blog land).

On top of the glass front cabinet you get a close look at the faux parsley in a Tiffany blue and white cachepot. It is clean and has a good deal of texture. The lavender plant needs a blue and white cachepot. That will be added when I find one that works. The chalk ware rabbit, in front of the tole tray, is happy to see the light of day.
This black berry plant, with its curling tendrils, softens the top on the opposite cabinet top. The beat up tole painted plates match the big tray on the other side of the room. It does not look beat up from a distance. Well, not much anyway ;) The rabbit with his French horn is tucked in the back to evenly distribute the rabbits around the room.

This blue and white, Crab Tree & Evelyn, wreath softens the corner by the pantry. That funny looking thing in the back, on the cabinet top, is another rabbit that lost its mate over the winter. The little couple below is keeping him company.....
The stairway project is moving along. I have found one Milken carpet that looks like a look-for- less alternative to the Stark carpet that I really want. A sample is on its way to us so I can see what it looks like in person and determine the quality of it. The search is still continuing though because even if the quality and look are acceptable, there is not a border to go with it, we will see. Maybe I do not even need a border to get the look that I am after.
Time to get back to work.


  1. Love, love, love all of your vignettes. I have some faux plants too and I am with you, they work for me. Your blue and white is all just gorgeous and the rabbit is to die for. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Love the blue and white, just love it. Your place looks soooo clean, reminds me I need to get back to the "after the holidays" cleaning.
    I don't have an excuse (hehe)!!!!
    looks very pretty.

  3. So beautiful!! What a charming home!

  4. Hi Sue...I am so happy to hear that your hand is healing nicely. I have been thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery!!!

    Your kitchen looks so beautiful and inviting. You know I love all of the color and wallpaper and goodies!!! I am a complete freak for bunnies and blue and white so my visit here has been a complete delight!!! I got rid of most of my faux greenery when we moved to this house...since visiting Kristen's over the last year I am slowly adding some back. It just fills in the blanks and adds that certain something...if it is of good quality. I'm sure I will hear about it from my faux hating friends but I don't care:)!!!

    Good luck with the carpet hunting. I can't wait to see what you end up getting!!!


  5. Hi Sue,
    So glad to hear you are healing. I know that must have been painful.
    I love what you have done with your cabinets. Love the blue and white and I have to tell you I love the fauxs. I know they have gotten a bad rap by some but not all feel that way. They are great for adding depth and act great as fillers for corners and many spots.
    How goes it with the carpet picking. I'm sure it will turn out great for you. REdecorating can be stressful though. Try to have fun with it. Happy New year to you.
    P.S. The family pic of all you girls looks great. You look fab.

  6. Everything looks so pretty!
    I'm ready to get my bunnies out too.
    Love the blue & white.

  7. Blue and white kitchens are my fav. I think I may have been Swedish in a past life...XXOO

  8. Sue,
    I, too, this morning finished taking down decorations...we've had two deaths in our immediate family. Edward's brother and one month later his brother's youngest son 56.

    In years past, lateness with tasks were bothersome but now I take it in stride. First things first and when I can get to the other well and good.

    Your home is very welcoming and lovely....Betty

  9. I like the color blue and your lovely rabbits! catherine

  10. Everything seems to fall together. Looks very nice.


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