Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Call It A Bribe If You Want To ~ It Worked ~

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas early at our house. All of our children and grandchildren arrived Friday for the festivities. This is the first year that we have had them all here. In the past six years since we have been living in Metro Detroit we have celebrated Christmas in MP. Now that our oldest has moved back from Colorado with his wife and four children we decided to do it here.
You can imagine what a chore it has been for us to load up all the Christmas goodies to create a memorable Christmas away from home. Not an easy one for sure. So, this year they all agreed to make the trip here. Hallelujah! To insure that they would make this an annual event we really put on the dog. E-mails and phone calls were made by the dozen to coordinate all the details. The agenda was set. Friday would be our Christmas eve, a casual affair, with heavy appitizers and a social hour. Saturday morning we would exchange presents and have a nice breakfast. Saturday afternoon the ladies would get their hair done and it would be a free day for the gentlemen and children. Saturday night a semi-formal dinner party would follow.
Below is our opening attempt to insure a continuation of this annual event.
Pretty dresses

for the ladies.

Monogrammed shirts for the gentlemen

with ties that coordinate with the ladies dresses.

I think it may have worked!


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