Friday, January 16, 2009

La Dolci Vita

How is every body? Seems like I've been away for ever. We are having a real cold snap here in the Midwest. I'm grateful to be able to stay inside. All the schools around here are closed because of the cold. I don't remember schools being closed when it was cold when I was in school do you? The weather reports really seem to vary with some reporting the temperature to be 7 degrees and another reporting 12 below at the airport, not wind chill but temp. Hum very strange.....
Any way, I've been fluffing things up around here after being up north for the better part of last week helping the kids. I've been clearing out the clutter and enjoying the clear surfaces and open spaces. My inspiration for the fluff up has been my husbands Italian heritage. I dug out all my decorating books that referenced Italian design and set about making a few changes using what we already had.
Thanks for coming by! I promise to get around to visiting soon.


  1. Very cold here too, Sue. It was 12 this morning. Yuck.

    I think all of us are fluffing and moving things around. It's fun. :)

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I'm fluffing right along with you, I think it's cold everywhere !

    Stay warm,
    Kathy :)

  3. I Sue! Glad you're back filled with inspiration! I'm doing the same thing 'fluffing'! I guess after Christmas we get the fluffing bug! Can't want to see what you've fluffed!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Hi Sue...Thanks for dropping by my blog! It's cold here, too...13 degrees...and I'm in the Deep South!!! lol Have a great weekend and stay warm!...Debbie

  5. I'm in Wisconsin and our weather has been about the same as I know what you mean about this cold snap! Your blog is very enjoyable. The pictures of this home are stunning. I love the colors, the brightness and the furniture ideas. So many cozy comfy places to grab a seat and relax!

  6. I have been doin gsome after Christmas fluffing as well. I just adore your guest house..I wish I could move right in..rofl. cherry

  7. Hi there, I love your "fluffing", so beautiful! When you get a chance, stop by, I have an award for you!

  8. Hi
    I really love your blog. Don't feel bad about not keeping up with it every day. I started mine in 2008 and just updated it today!

  9. I love these glass jars. Where did you find them? Love looking at your blog.

  10. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I love your mom's home. I go back
    and look at the design to pick up new ideas. Why don't you print a
    layout of your mom's home, so we can get more ideas on the kitchen.
    Just a real simple one.

  11. fluffing is good and I love pink!!

  12. I love your blog, it is so fun and cheery! I am new (to the blog world) and get alot of inspiration from your site. Thanks! Kristin


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