Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Little More Christmas

I was nervous when I started the decorating because I couldn't find my manger scene but lo and behold it turned up last night. It is wearing a bit thin on top but that only serves to remind me of when the kids were little and they liked to play with it.

John put the tree up last night and strung all the lights for us while I was out running errands. I called him before I came home to see if he needed anything. He sounded a bit sheepish so I asked him if something was wrong and told him I was on my way home. There was a pause.... and then he said I broke something. Well, what broke was the garland on the mantle. The whole thing crashed to the hard marble hearth and shattered about 15 of the bulbs. What a pain. Bless his heart, I know better to leave when he starts a project ~

Any way, I found a few Christmas towels at Marshall's. Nancy ~ at Southern Lady has several darlin' towels in her kitchen so I borrowed her idea. Click on her name to see her gorgeous decorations. Hers are much cuter, but these are a big improvement over my old tattered ones that these replace. If I get a minute I'll add some ribbon to them to spruce them up.

I really had to dig through the place mats and napkins at Marshall's but it payed off because I found these Ralph Lauren placemats and napkins to match. The napkins are on the ends of the table sitting on solid red mats.

Here's Santa looking up at me while I untangle ornament hooks.

Some of my favorite ornaments.

Well, I better go put away the boxes and move on to the next project.
Have a great day sweetie's


  1. Hasn't everybody had their garland crash to the ground? It's a mystery to me how some people do it. I just don't want to put nails in my mantle.

    Love all your decorations.

  2. Poor hubby...he probably had a heart attack when that happened! You blog/house is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Sue :)

    Awwww.... your poor hubby :( It looks as though no harm was done though :)

    Your decorations look gorgeous!


  4. I love that Santa that's looking up at you while you untangle the ornaments & your Mark Robert's Santa's too. I'm about scared to hang a garland (1st time) b/c yours is the 2nd one I've seen that has fallen. I love your blue & white dish die for. Oh, and I'm a big So. Lady fan too!


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