Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Morning

Frozen bread dough in the oven with a pan of boiled water so it thaws quickly.

Tea kettle on to boil water for a pitcher of Iced Sweet Tea made with Splenda.

Yogurt maker set for 10 hours to make homemade yogurt.

Slow cooked oatmeal with apples and brown sugar.

Yogurt and a bowl of oatmeal to start the day.
Now if I can just stay out of the Halloween candy.....................


  1. I love your forward thinking! I'm going to bake a cake today and vow to eat one piece. No Candy...I think if I don't touch it I'll be OK. Just keep me away from the Snickers!

  2. The oatmeal looks very tempting. I'm thinking no candy also today. Going to try hard! :)
    Happy Halloween!


  3. Hi, it's my first visit here and wow, what a charming blog you have! I'll be coming back often.

    It looks like a busy morning for you, with all the yummy food preparations. By the way, I also have the tea kettle on!

    Many sweet blessings!

  4. Love that tea kettle. Yogurt maker? WOW!

  5. Love that tea kettle. Yogurt maker? WOW!

  6. Who needs candy after all that!! Looks wonderful!!! Love that Mackenzie Childs tea pot!!!!

  7. Wow - you've been busy! Homemade yogurt...who knew? It all looks good! About that candy.... fortunately for me there wasn't much chocolate left in my basket!
    (Could in part be because of all I ate beforehand....)
    Love - Sheryl

  8. lol, Now im officially starving!! I just love homemade yogurt and grew up with it , so I miss it! now, Im adding a yogurt maker to my xmas list ;) yummy!!


  9. Love the tea kettle! I love things that have personality. Anyone can own stuff, but the exceptional ones can find the stuff with pizzaz!

    That oatmeal looks yummy. Or am I just super hungry? :-)

  10. Do you like that yogurt maker? I have thought about getting one, but wasn't sure...

  11. That looks delicious...and your little *treats* looked adorable!
    Their costumes were precious...


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