Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~ Vases ~

Well, you know how it goes, try to do one thing around the house and it leads to another. In an effort to take a peek into the fall decor that languishes in boxes in the basement I had to rearrange a bit to get a flat surface to set the boxes on. That task lead to decluttering the basement. To do that I go around the room sorting things in to categories, usually in the middle of the floor. Once things are sorted it is easy to wipe down the shelves. Then comes time to put things back.
Last fall John put pink cupboards, that were left over from a job site, into the garage. I never took the time to organize them, but with everything sorted in the basement I figured it was time to sort the junk that had haphazardly been stashed in the cupboards. Sorting seemed to free up some free space so I decided to gather my vases and put them in the cupboards in the garage. Since it is right off the kitchen it will give me easy access to them.
So, that's what has been going on around here. Several trips up and down the stairs rearranging.
All the baskets from around the house fit on top and will come in handy for fall decorating. One of the coolers got thrown away because it was badly damaged and the other one fit over on John's side of the garage freeing up space for the baskets.
This is still a work in progress. There are a few pictures that will go in here to get them out of the basement. My garden tools and flower arranging things will go in the drawers and potting soil and fertilizer will go in the big deep lower cabinets. Unfortunately the trash bin has to stay where it is.

Most of the things in the basement have been put back on their clean shelves with some tweaking left to do but not much. I even cleared a spot for wrapping Christmas presents using my big roll of shiny white paper that was on a cutting rack on one end of the long table.

Right now I think it might be time for a nap. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to the fall boxes.

Take care Ladies.


  1. Sue,
    How organized you are! All the vases are pretty even empty....

    Your cabinet top scapes are so attractive.....

    How is your Mother? Continuing to improve daily I pray.....Betty

  2. Hi Sue...I love your pink cabinets...they're adorable! I wish I had a spot cleaned in the garage so that I could work on my junking. I guess I put that on my "to do" list!


  3. Good girl! You did so much work and it looks great! I adore those pink cabinets, too! Can I come shopping?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Good for you! Bunny would be proud!


  5. I love that the cabinets are pink! Thats what I called serendipity!

  6. Looks great! What a great work out are you walking today? Have a good one, stop by and take a look at the fabrics I picked up for my sofa. Please let me know what you think, I need you! Love Ya, Dana

  7. Your cupboards look great - my what a supply of vases you have! Speaking of your basement - did your bathroom ever get completed down there? Hope you have a great day my friend! Love - Sheryl

  8. What a terrific way to re-use those cabinets! I love it! What a great job you all did.
    God bless


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