Monday, October 29, 2007

Tracey Porter

Last night we had our first frost and the dahlias that would have been lovely in the living room did not survive. The thought of these sweet pink babies scumming to Jack Frost was more than unbearable, so in they came.
A few months ago there was a post on this blog that has been deleted, but it talked about the green linen Laura Ashley fabric that will one day be turned into curtains for the kitchen and great room and upholstery for our sofa and love seat. Well a seamstress and upholsterer has been located and the time is drawing near.

During the fall cleaning and organizing that has been taking place around here this sweet little Tracey Porter piece that has been holding keepsakes in my bedroom closet made its way down stairs to the kitchen setting off the predictable chain of events.
The red is on its way out to make room for the blue and green with touches of pink in the kitchen. The green linen curtains won't be far behind. The pink will be kept to a minimum because of the color of the wood cabinetry that is not nearly as orange as it appears in photographs but the orange tone is still there. With time it is deepening to a warmer fruit wood tone but a bit of pink goes a long way. We have the same issues with the oak stair case but that is another post all together. When looking at all the old homes in my English Country books they have these beautiful sturdy woods that have mellowed to such charming warm tones which reminds me to not be so picky and just carry on. God willing, we will be around long enough to see the transformation.

Tracey Porter has a new blog on her website that you might enjoy. When I had the store Tracey Porter's items were some of our best sellers. We sold her dishes, lamps, small furniture, pillows and rugs like crazy. One of our best customers and my good friend had her powder room painted by a local artist to resemble the end covers of one of her books that is fabulous. Maybe if we ask nicely Sheryl will go over and take pictures to share with all of us of Cindy's amazing Tracey Porter powder room. Tracey herself would approve.


  1. We, too sold Tracy Porter in our retail setting....just her name conjures up coziness.

  2. Sue,

    Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment on 'Hebrew's.....

    Your blog is very interesting...I will have to admit I'm not familiar with Tracy Porter but will look into this......

    Please come again...Betty

  3. It Is looking amazing. The details make all the difference. The ensuite mirrors are gorgeous.

    Ming green marble Mosaic


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