Saturday, February 01, 2014

These are sheets I use for my wardrobe.  When faced with packing for a three month stay in Florida I turned to my sheets.  As a premise I chose to create 14 different outfits using the assumption that each item would be worn regularly and in various combinations. 
I don't have an unused sheet with me or I would provide you one to copy.  If you can't see the heading above I will try to show it to you here and you can rig up your own kind of sheet to use for your wardrobe planning if you think this is an idea that might be useful to you.
Wardrobe Work Sheet
Bottoms                 Tops                                                                                Accessories              Need
                             Shirt/Blouse      Jacket/Sweater/Vest      Jewelry/Scarf  Belt/Handbag/Shoes
Once you get the header made you can draw the boxes.  Make copies and save at least one to make more when you need them. 
To make a packing list:
  1. Have a vision of what your days will be like while you are away.
  2. Think in terms of catego
I wish I could reference where I got this useful tool from but it was so long ago that I found it that I have lost the source.  If you originated this please let me know and I thank you for making my life easier for many years.

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  1. I have a Lily Pulitzer day planner that I use and I always write down 'what I wore'. I figure my granddaughter will enjoy seeing it one day.


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