Wednesday, January 08, 2014

How On Earth Do I Pack For Three Months In Southern Florida?

This business of being a snow bird is new to us!  What does one take? Well, here is what I have come up with so far.
This is the first of 14 outfits. My inspiration is Miss Janice  from  This is a version of an outfit she put together. 

This second one is just a Target khaki skirt and polo shirt with some pink and pearls added to the mix. I will use the pearls often.
This is adding some minty green. 

Skinny JCrew khakis with lapis jewelry and blouse.

A Burberry look. 

Aqua and coral gingham look.


Kelly green and navy.

Pale pink and aqua.

Pink and navy gingham.

Cream, coral and navy.

Pink and gray.

Strawberry Margarita!

Casual khaki and Navy.

My chic Granddaughter looking sharp, even riding in a grocery store cart, is another one of my style inspirations.
I am feeling pretty good about having assembled 14 outfits that will mix and match to cover everyday looks. Now to work on these categories :
Swimwear and gear
Exercise gear
Golf outfits and equipment
Everything for John

Public Service Announcement:  Our house will be inhabited by house sitters and large ferocious dogs while we are gone 


  1. So pretty ! Love your neatly organized outfits!
    -Linda, NY

  2. Well, you just put me to shame! I LOVE the coral and aqua outfit...SO adorable. Those Ferragamos...LOVE them too!


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